Luckily, listened to my wife:David Schumer

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Luckily  listened to his wife that day. Otherwise, he might not have acted in ‘Men in Black’. If not, will Will Smith be known overnight? Maybe not. Although he acted well in a number of films in the early nineties, the actor became widely known to the general public for his good work on ‘Bad Boys’ and ‘Men in Black’. But in the beginning he did not agree to act in the film! Because, the screenplay. The previous year (1997), Smith starred in Independence Day.

That was also about aliens. As a result, he did not want to make another film on the same subject the following year. However, his wife Jada Pinkett Smith persuaded him. In the beginning, David Schumer was supposed to act in the film. If he doesn’t, the offer goes to Smith. But another “wife” has a role to play in getting the proposal to Smith. She is the wife of director Barry Sonenfield. Who is again a fan of Smith. After the finale, Steven Spielberg called Smith to talk about the film. He is also the executive producer of the movie. Smith could not believe then that Spielberg himself had called him. Initially, the film was directed by Spielberg.

The reason for so much talk about Men in Black is that today is July 2. The film marks the 25th anniversary of Smith’s career. The science fiction-action comedy movie was released on this day in 1997. On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of its release, ‘Men in Black’ will be released again on July 3 and 4 in various theaters across the United States.

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In the film, Smith plays a former New York police detective, Agent J, who has just joined MIB. Tommy Leakey is seen in the role of his fellow agent. After its release, the film took the box office by storm. The 90-million-dollar film eventually grossed about ৯ 590 million worldwide. Which was the third highest of that year.

The film received three Oscar nominations. Only the best makeup prize wins. After the first film, two sequels of ‘Men in Black’ were released in 2002 and 2012. The spin-off film ‘Men in Black — International’ was released in 2019. However, none of them were as successful as the first

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