Love is broken again between Tom Cruise and Haley

Newshub18 :Love is broken again between Tom Cruise and Haley.

Mission: The beginning of their relationship on the set of Impossible 6. That relationship ended before the photo shoot ended. It was about Tom Cruise and Haley at Well. The love of this couple is broken. After the shooting started in 2020, rumors of love between actor and co-producer Tom Cruise and actress Hailey Atwell have been circulating.

The love affair between the co-stars after starring in the same film is not a new phenomenon. In many cases, rumors of love are spread only for the promotion of movies. That wasn’t the case with Tom and Haley. As the photo shoot progressed, their love grew stronger. It has even been reported that the two have spent time together in a long lockdown due to Kovid.

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People close to him were also very excited about this pair. However, it did not take long to reconcile. Tom and Haley’s love broke up in September last year. However, earlier this year, the two decided to give their relationship a “second chance”. But that too did not tickle. Although the date is not known, the British media The Sun reported that their love has been broken for some time.

The two stars could not be reached for comment. But The Sun says the news is ripe. According to various sources with the two stars, one of the reasons for the break up of the relationship is the embarrassment of fame. Wherever they go, huge crowds of fans surround them. As a result, he could not enjoy his personal life at all. According to a source, the two were very happy with the relationship.

But for some reason they decided to separate. After two attempts, they could not maintain the relationship. However, the work of Mission: Impossible 6 is still pending. Will the rift between the two main stars create uncertainty about the future of the film? Sources said that even though there is no love, their friendship is still intact. The two want to continue shooting as before.

After breaking up last month, Atwell appeared in the sequel to Tom’s film Top Song — Maverick in London. This is an example of their friendshipHowever, his new film Top Song – Maverick has come up with the news that even if the love is broken, it will make the actor feel good. The film grossed more than  100 million in its first weekend after its May 28 release. For the first time in Tom’s career, more than  100 million was earned in the first weekend

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