Looking for world-beating Kolkata’s Rasgolla look

Newshub18:Looking for world-beating Kolkata’s Rasgolla look.

Be it a wedding or a birthday. Bengali does not freeze properly if it is not a little sweet in the last leaf. If there is rasgolla in the crowd of all kinds of sweets, there is no question. This relationship between rasgolla and Bengali is not today. If you want to find his account, you have to go to the year 1868. Navin Moira of Bagbazar was just trying her hand at making sweets. One day he made a wonderful object by twisting a chick’s shell and putting it in a vein of sugar. And Bengali got Rasgolla. Since then, Rasgolla has been bound in an unbreakable bond with Bengali rasana gratification. That rasgolla is valued all over the world today.

When Naveen Chandra Das’ hand-made juice ball slowly spread from house to house in Bengal, panchamukh was all around in praise of it. This sweet was eaten by the guests in all the rituals. Its demand continued to increase in the country and abroad.

Keeping that demand in mind, in 1930, Navin’s only son, Krishna Chandra Das Mahashay, started the preparation for the processing of Rasgolla. The rasgolla started to be filled in tin cans in a novel way. So that their life can be extended and those tin cans can be easily exported. In one word ‘canned rosagolla’. Krishna Chandra Das or KC Das was one of the founders of Rasgolla, which is so popular today. Subsequently, the branding of KC Das’s name and the sweets made by his descendants have gained fame not only in India but all over the world.

Keeping in mind the needs of the customers, branches of this elite confectionary have also been opened in Bangalore and Chennai. There are around 500 employees. Also, there are orders for rasgolla from Europe and America. However, with the passage of time, there have been many changes in rasgolla. Today, it is no longer the case that only this white rasgolla finds a place in the Bengali menu. In winter, molasses rasgolla is made from molasses instead of sugar molasses. Apart from this, there is Mango Rasgolla and the new addition Baked Rasgolla for summer.

The popularity of this baked rosagolla is at a peak now. Which is based on another famous sweets manufacturing company Balaram Mallick and Radharaman Mallick. Sudeep Mallick, the leader of this organization said, “When I first joined this family business in 2001, I was eager to do something new. First, we make this baked rasgolla by baking mango rasgolla and later rasgolla with chickpeas. First how was the acceptance of this baked rosagolla? Sudeep says that although it was initially mocked by some as burnt rasgolla, its popularity grew later. Today, many well-known sweets manufacturers in Kolkata are also making this baked rasgolla.

Demand is also increasing. Outside of Kolkata, these sweets made in the manufacturing units of Balaram Mallick and Radharaman Mallick are spreading all over India today. People are also choosingAlso there has been a lot of experimentation with this rasagolla in Calcutta. However, in the busyness of this 21st century, people today are very health conscious. No one usually eats 10-15 rasgolla at weddings or events like before.

A big one or two. But has there been any shortfall in business or demand? In response, the clear statement of Dhiman Das, the leader of KC Das organization, did not come, instead it increased. Sudeep said, today one may not eat too much rasgolla at one time, but more people are eating rasgolla now than before. Times have changed, centuries have changed. A lot of water has flowed through the Ganges. But even today there is no substitute for rasgolla in Bengali leaves.
In the middle, there has been a lot of controversy and lawsuits about whether Rasgolla’s patent belongs to Bengal or Odisha. Bengal won that debate. Bangla is the owner of this patent

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