Locals demand a tourist center around the house of freedom fighter Batukeshwar Dutt

Newshub18:Locals demand a tourist center around the house of freedom fighter Batukeshwar Dutta.One of the shining stars of the 19th century in the history of India’s freedom movement is Batukeshwar Dutt. Batukeshwar Dutta was born in Oyadi village of Khandhosh police station area of ​​undivided Burdwan district. Wari village now falls in East Badhman district. A few days ago there was a discussion that the name of Burdwan station will be changed to Batukeshwar Dutt.

In the end, however, the name of Burdwan station remained Burdwan. However, everyone has requested that the name of the station in Oyadi village should be changed to Batukeshwar DuttaJhantu Pal, a student of history at Burdwan University, said that on April 8, 1929, Bhagat Singh and Batukeshwar Dutt threw a bomb in the central legislative chamber in Delhi, distributed leaflets demanding independence with the slogan “Inkilab Zindabad” and then both surrendered voluntarily.

Bhagat Singh, Shukdev and Rajguru were hanged on March 23, 1931 for their involvement in the Lahore Conspiracy case, but Batukeshwar Dutt was sent to the Andaman Cellular Jail on June 6, 1930 due to his young age. He was severely tortured in jail. The image of torture that emerges at that time is that of his hands turned behind him and tied to his head with iron bars. A special ornament made for the feet. A thick rod two and a half feet long with iron rings at both ends.

Clinging with two legs like two stiff stools. By this time the level of torture on him had increased to such an extent that blood and pus would constantly ooze from his poisoned wounds. Finally, seeing the situation getting worse, the British were forced to release him from prison under house arrest in 1938. After the independence of India, he lived in Patna. He breathed his last there.

At present, the residents of Oyadi village want Batukeshwar Duttar Bhite to be developed as a significant tourist center. On the one hand, respect can be paid to the revolutionary and on the other hand, the economic condition of the area will improve. It can be said without a doubt that the sound of Batukeshwar Dutt’s Bandemataram is still prevalent in his childhood village

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