Liverpool are buying strikers for Rs 6 crore, breaking records!

Newshub18:Liverpool are buying strikers for Rs 6 crore, breaking records!

Liverpool’s interest in Arling Harland was unheard of. Manchester City, Liverpool’s biggest rivals in the English league, have bought him for around 60 million euros in the last few years.

However, The aristocratic club of Madrid for a long time to get Aurelian Chuameni. In the end, Real Madrid bought the French midfielder at a very high price. The elite club of Madrid made the official announcement yesterday. It cost Real 100 million euros to get him.

Liverpool is not sitting still. The Allreds have been looking for a ‘hunter’ in front of the goal since last season. He has been rumored to be Benfica for months, with Liverpool being linked with Darwin Nunez, who made headlines in Portugal and Europe last season. The rumor finally came true.

All the media in Europe, including England, are reporting that Liverpool are buying Nunez for 60 million euros, breaking the club’s record. 6 crore in Bangladeshi currency. Earlier, in January 2016, Liverpool had spent 75 million euros to buy defender Virgil von Dyke, which was their record so far.

Liverpool have reached an agreement with Benfica to sign the 22-year-old Uruguayan striker. It is also a personal contract for six years. Now all that is left is a medical examination. Nunez is currently in Almeria, Spain, according to a joint report by Italian journalist Fabrizio Romano and Sachin Nakrani in the English daily Guardian. He played for Spanish club Almeria before moving to Benfica. He will leave Almeria for England tomorrow for a medical examination. The official announcement will come when everything is fine there.

Many media outlets have reported that the cost of Liverpool’s acquisition of Nuneiz is Rs 100 million, of which Rs 20 million is conditional. In other words, Liverpool is definitely spending 7 crore for the transfer of the team. After that, Nuneiz’s performance in Liverpool’s jersey, playing a certain number of matches … Benfica will get the remaining 2 crores subject to fulfilling many conditions.

The speed is great, the dribbling is not bad either, the cold head hunter in front of the opponent’s post, he is also very good at using a height of about 6 feet 2 inches …There is no need to explain why Nuneiz has attracted so much attention among young strikers in Europe in the last one-and-a-half seasons.

Liverpool’s arch-rivals Manchester United have tried hard to get him. United’s new coach Eric Ten Hagg’s special request was to bring Nunez to the team. But United will not be able to play in the Champions League next season, which did not match Nunez’s demands.

Liverpool also got an answer by pulling Nunez. City rival striker Earling Harland has been bought in the league, while Liverpool have responded by buying a similar striker. And the process of replying to Real was a little different. Negotiations between Monaco and Chuameni went a long way before Killian Mbappe announced his decision to stay at PSG at a price of around 50 million euros.

But after Mbappe announced his decision to stay at PSG instead of going to Real Madrid, Real has taken a big offer from Monaco. Liverpool withdrew from the race after seeing such a large number. On the other hand, when PSGO rushed to power Chuameni, the price of Chuameni doubled to Rs 5 crore. Did Liverpool, who also lost to Chuameni after losing to Real Madrid in the Champions League final, buy Nunez and give a warning to rivals in England-Europe?

Nunez scored 28 goals in the Portuguese league last season, a total of 34 goals this season. Benfica have reached the quarter-finals of the Champions League, where they have lost to Liverpool. However, Nunez scored in both legs in the quarter finals. At the time, Klopp was the first to joke about the Uruguayan striker, saying, “The boy is handsome to look at!The Liverpool coach then said in a football analysis, “Physically strong, with a lot of speed, good finishing, how calm he was at the moment when he scored the goal today. Good, very good player.

In the case of someone like that, what we say is that if he can stay healthy and free from injury, then he will have a great career. ‘
If all goes well, a chapter will be written in the Liverpool jersey. Rumors are rife that Sadio will leave Liverpool this season, in which case Nunez will play alongside Mo Salah and Luis Diaz. The Guardian writes that Liverpool’s table with Nunez could be 4-2-3-1 instead of 4-3-3.

Liverpool bought 19-year-old winger Fabio Carvalho from Fulham the season before Nunez. The purchase of 18-year-old right-back Calvin Ramsay from Scottish club Aberdeen is also rumored to be well under way. I mean, Salah, Firmino, Thiago, Henderson, Liverpool, who have become a bit heavy with age, are playing the song of rotation with the young players

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