live Durga post On Instagram, How Models, Photographers, Make-Up Artists Do This Uma-Shoot?

Newshub18:live Durga post On Instagram, How Models, Photographers, Make-Up Artists Do This Uma-Shoot.Every year the Puja is really all over Instagram of ‘Jyant’ Durga. ‘Zyant’ Durga is peeking out from Kashban, Padmapukur, Kumortuli. Sometimes Lakshmi, Kartika, Ganesha, Saraswati are also there. Most of the time Durga is seen in different forms in those pictures. For the last five years, such upcoming photoshoots have gone viral on social media. Every year Kumortuli is crowded with groups of photographers from the country and abroad.

Models have also increased in that list. Photography with structures is the new trend in the city. Also, today’s make-up artists try to depict various forms of Durga, Purana at once. Just as there is a battle of themes between big pujas in the city, there is a cold battle of ideas between makeup artists. There is no error in the effort of who, how well you can decorate the Durga, how many people you can reach. Again this Durga went viral on social media.

Khilli is flooded with many pictures. Yet these Durgas all want to go viral. They are constantly looking for opportunities to become viral by dressing Durga. Surprised to hear? But that’s the reality. In the picture of Umad who is filled in Instagram. But why do they look at such a photo shoot every year? Is there a special connection with the economy? Out of sheer curiosity, TV9 Bangla contacted a makeup artist and a model—incidentally who dressed up Durga and who dressed Durga herself.

The work of makeup artist Bandhan Biswas is quite viral on social media. Every girl in the world is a form of Maa Durga and girls can give new life – the bond of opinion. In her words, “In every girl there is a form of primal power. That is why we have singled out a woman among the world-mothers. To me, a woman is the embodiment of Mother Durga.” Bandhan decorated his Uma on this theme. Uma in a red-bordered white saree is sitting next to the Ekchala structure. There are lotuses all around. Bandhan said that he has been in the makeup industry for the last five years. Every year he has special thoughts on the arrival of Uma. This is because you see such a beautiful picture, behind it there is a lot of hard work, fatigue, fatigue. Their preparation starts 4 months before the Puja.

Everyone does strong teamwork. Designers, photographers, set-designers, models all live here. The work starts by talking to everyone. Whoever has the idea, the cost of the entire shoot is also his. All the team members are given some money in recognition of their work. Stay up night after night about this shoot, the arguments go on and on. But everyone is waiting to see the final film. Making clothes, jewelry, sets for the shoot… all in all a lot of hard work. But none of the amount of money they spend comes from social media. Those who get people’s love, praise — that’s all for them. But everyone gets work after seeing these photoshoots. Just as makeup artists get calls from ‘bridal’, models, set-designers also get calls from movie-serials.

A picture of model Nandini Mukherjee dressed as Durga has gone viral on social media. Nandini, a resident of Asansol, is studying microbiology. Hobby modeling. And based on that work, this time his Durga punishment. Nandini said that she herself knew how to dress Durga. Better to become a mythical character. From there, she became Durga this year with makeup artist Rhea Halder’s idea and makeover. He is happy that his picture has reached many people through social media. After posting this picture on Instagram, his followers increased. But Nandini is not worried about these likes and comments. Next, Nandini wants to see herself on the big screen. He has already given several auditions.

However, how much did he benefit financially from this photo shoot with so much effort? He replied that he received a remuneration for the work. However, the hard work, hard work and love that they all do together all day cannot be judged in terms of money. This is a picture that is the result of several long months of tireless work. A whole day is spent in preparation. Then they wait to see the final picture. They make no mistake in trying to spread that picture on social media. They want to walk with people’s love and appreciation. Hungry to go further and do better. Although there is no direct connection with the economy, there is an indirect connection

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