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Newshub18 :Let’s make an app

There are thousands of apps behind smartphones becoming ‘smart’. So it can be said that this app-centric revolution has started. And why the youth of Bangladesh will be left behind in that revolution! An excellent idea to create an app. Something that can solve any problem. If you are not good at writing programming signals yourself, you need to have a programmer in your team, you need a graphic designer to work on the picture.

Rajesh Palit, coordinator of the judging panel of the EATL-Prothom Alo apps competition, informed about the process of making the app. Background, development, release and maintenance and update — these are the four steps to create an app.
Background stage
Idea: This is the first job of making an app. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

Feature Finalization:

You need to fix what will be in the app.
Users: You need to decide who the users of the app are and whether it is for a specific country or for the whole world.
Operating system: Android, iOS or Windows হবে you need to decide which operating system to create the app for. In addition, there are some programs that can be used to create apps that work on all operating systems. Of these, Ionic, Titanium, Phonegap are notable. Especially HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript apps run on all smartphones.
Earnings: You need to decide how to make money from the app. You have to earn money from ads in the free app. When you download a premium app, you have to pay with money, the source of income is the money from the sale of the app. There is another type of app which is known as Freemium (Free + Premium). There are several benefits to using it for free, but you will have to spend extra money to get it.
Language Selection: You need to decide which language to use in the app or how many languages ​​the app will be created in.
Name selection: Choose a name that will attract customers.
References: Specify the source of the information used to create the app.

Development period

At this stage you have to decide what features the app will have, what the design will look like. The information that is being given in the app should be given neatly. Then you have to make a sketch of everything, which is known as wire frame. Now you have to send the sketches to the graphic designer. After the graphics work, the developer will finish the work of writing the programming signal (code). Now it’s time to experiment with the app. If there is any problem, it should be identified. This is very important. This is because the performance, screen size, data storage varies depending on the model of the smartphone or tablet computer. Desktop apps, on the other hand, are commonly used in the workplace. So users can be given basic training. But it is impossible to say in advance who will use the mobile app. So the mobile app has to be perfect.

The plan is, the development is, this time the app will be handed over to the users for whom it is made. The operating system for which the app was created must be published on the platform. In this case, the cost to open the app in Windows Store, Google Play Store will be 19 and 25 dollars, respectively. In the case of Apple’s App Store, you have to pay a fee of 99 per year. There is also a third party platform. Amazon is one such third party platform, EATL is in Bangladesh. The app easily catches the eye of the user when published on a third party platform.
Maintenance and update
If there is any problem in using the app, it should be solved regularly. Users need to see what reviews and comments are giving. At the same time, you need to be clear about whether there are any errors or bugs in your app and publish regular app updates. You also need to run a campaign for your app

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