Larry in talks for the post of British Prime Minister

Newshub18 :Larry in talks for the post of British Prime Minister.

It is old news that the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson has resigned. Now the discussion is who will be the Prime Minister. Larry’s name has been added to this discussion. But Larry is not a human name. This is actually a cat.

Larry is no ordinary cat. According to Indian media NDTV, the cat is the ‘Chief Mauser’ of the British Cabinet Office. Several videos of Larry have circulated on the Internet since Boris resigned. In one of the videos, Larry is seen walking outside 10 Downing Street in the British Prime Minister’s Office. The cat was waiting to enter the Prime Minister’s Office. He spends most of his time in this office.

Larry also has several responsibilities in this office. Larry’s identity is mentioned on the British government’s website. It said Larry had been hired for the special ability to catch rats. Larry has been in the office since February 15, 2011.
One of Larry’s videos that has gone viral recently is a BBC video. It shows BBC correspondent Ross Atkins live from Downing Street. At this point Larry is seen behind Ross. Later zoomed in and showed Larry. Then one is heard to say, ‘Did you also want the resignation of Boris Johnson?’

After Larry’s video went viral, one tweeted, ‘I think Larry should be voted the next prime minister. Larry has done a better job than any other Conservative leader. ”
Larry also has a Twitter account. One of its posts read, “I (Larry) want to be the caretaker Prime Minister.”

There have been a number of funny tweets from Larry’s account since rumors of Boris Johnson’s resignation began. On the day of Boris’s resignation, a tweet read, “If Boris Johnson does not resign by 10 am, I will put a toilet in his shoes.After Boris resigned, the tweet was re-shared, saying, “Boris has been able to resign.”

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