Know about Ramana Bagan in Burdwan before visiting in winter

Newshub18:Know about Ramana Bagan in Burdwan before visiting in winter.

Ramna Bagan Sanctuary is opposite to Golapbagh Campus of Burdwan University In September 1981, this forest area was recognized as a sanctuary Although the existence of wildlife in this forest was noticed long before that Deer are brought here in the first phase of the sanctuary Except for at least 36 deer in different species of deerwas doneAt one time the sanctuary was known as ‘Deer Park’. But at one time the increasing number of deer became a headache for the authorities. From here the plan is taken to move the deer elsewhere. In exchange for the deer, the work of bringing other animals began. So far more than 150 deer have been sent from Ramna Bagan to other forest areas of the state. Of these, 154 deer have been sent to Buxa Tiger Reserve Forest in Alipurduar. At present there are more than 23 species of Chital deer in Ramana Bagan

Work has started to convert this sanctuary into a full-fledged zoo under the East Burdwan District Forest Department. Work has also started on Ramana Bagan built on about 100 bighas of land Although there were crocodiles, bears, various types of birds, the glamor of a zoo was not present in Ramna Bagan. As a result, the visitors to Ramana Bagan to some extentHe would be disappointed However, the authorities believe that if a mini zoo is built in Ramna Bagan, the attraction of the visitors will increasWhat will the new zoo look like?

How is Ramana Bagan being built? The Central Zoo Authority sends circulars and guidelines to the State Zoo Authorities on how to keep wild animals. Later, on the instructions of the State Zoo Authority, the Ramna Bagan authorities started building houses for keeping different types of animals Presently Ramana Bagan has been named Burdwan Zoological Park So far so good, two leopards, four bears, two crocodiles will be brought here Apart from this, several birds have also been brought. A pair of Golden Pheasants and a pair of Chinese Silver Pheasants have been brought from Darjeeling Two pairs of peacocks have been brought from Alipur There is another peacock. In total, the number of peacocks is five at the moment. In addition, emu birds have been brought The authorities have plans to bring in some more birds

The Ramna Bagan authorities expect the work of the zoo to be completed by the month of December 2018 The cost of making the zoo has been estimated at one and a half crore rupees.

Divisional Forest Officer Debashis Sharma said, “Many people call Ramna Bagan a zoo.” But it was built mainly to house and treat animals and birds rescued from different parts of the district Later it became a zoo Visitors also started coming.’ He added, ‘On our behalf, Ramana Bagan is a full zooThe proposal for conversion was sent to the Central Zoo Authority Later the State Zoo Authority approved us following their guidelines. After that the work started on the tender day Construction of the infrastructure will cost about one and a half crores. Leopards, crocodiles, bears will be introduced in a new way Some birds have already been brought. We have plans to bring more varieties of birds.

The giant crocodile is the best attraction

The attraction of Ramna Bagan started to decrease to some extent to the locals. There was nothing but a handful of crocodiles, bears and a few birds. Now that picture has started to change somewhat. Burdwan Zoological Park is open every day of the week except Thursday. The entry fee is now Tk 10 for children and Tk 15 per head for adults. However, if they come together from a school or organization, the authorities have also arranged for special discounts. The bear in Ramna Bagan is very old. The bear was seized by forest department personnel from a man who came to show game on the road. The animal was a bit sick then. After he was treated and recovered, the address was Ramna Bagan. Before there was a female bear. After she died, the male bear was left without a companion and was somewhat depressed. However, the authorities are proud of the Ramna Bagan crocodile. They claim that there is no such large crocodile anywhere in the state, including Alipur Zoo. There are different species of monkeys. Desi Hanuman is also there. In addition, there are three ponds inside the garden with different species of turtles. Among them there are several turtles of very rare species. Sandeep Ghosh, Beat Officer of the Forest Department, said, “We do not release the turtles that are rescued from trains or cars. They are completely different species. Most of the turtles that we rescue, if not in the Ganga, are released in the Chupir Chetiganga in the east.’

Similarly, a few days ago an adult vulture was brought from Khandari in Birbhum. The vulture was sick. He was kept here for a long time and was completely cured and blown away. Besides, two sick porcupines were rescued and brought to Ramna Bagan. Currently two porcupines are being treated in a special room in Ramna Bagan. A falcon was brought from the Panagarh range after being rescued from the jungles of Kanksar. The falcon was fully recovered and blown away by Ramna Bagan workers a couple of months ago. But to everyone’s surprise, the bird came to the cage where it was treated every day at a certain time. to eat food When the forest workers stand with a piece of meat, the hawk takes food from their hands and sits in front of its cage and eats the meat and flies away. In this habit of a few months, the forest workers have developed an extra love for the bird. So every day they also wait for this hawk with extra food while giving food to other animals.

Milk, bananas, seasonal fruits, husks, pulses, greens, potatoes, carrots, honey are given as food to the animals in Ramna Bagan every day. Chicken, beef and mutton are also offered. Ramna Bagan authorities are quite vigilant about the food of animals and birds. Now if a few gharials and leopards are brought, the amount of meat will also increase a lot. The total number of permanent and temporary staff is only 9 for taking care of animals and birds and other work in this forest of Burdwan Zoological Park which is surrounded by shal, teak and mahogany. Which is much less than required. An official of the forest department, who did not wish to be named, said, “To make Ramna Bagan more attractive to visitors, the number of staff must be increased. The number of animals will increase after the arrival of leopards or other animals. Then people will be needed for additional surveillance.

Family planning

Meanwhile, the zoo authority also plans to build a mini aquarium for fish in Ramna Bagan. At the same time they are thinking of making a donation. Tarun Bandyopadhyay, range officer of Burdwan Ramna Bagan, said, ‘The change that started after Ramna Bagan was named Burdwan Zoological Park, has never been done before. So the people of the district were losing interest in Ramna Bagan. Now again the animal lovers of the district have started coming here. Many are now spending quite a bit of time here with their little members of the household. We believe this number will increase once the entire work is completed. We also want people to see animals and birds up close. Let our next generation love them. These are the ones who will protect our green. Several boards have been installed on environmental awareness in different places of Ramna Bagan. There are also detailed descriptions of different species of snakes. Some snakes are poisonous and some are not. Apart from this, there are various posters about elephants. A beautiful permanent gate has been constructed at the very first entrance. Burdwan Maharaja’s Ramnabagan Burdwan Zoological Park is getting ready step by step

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