Killer kangaroo! Prauda’s death will be written in history, claims the local media

Newshub18:Killer kangaroo! Prauda’s death will be written in history, claims the local media.A tragic incident happened in Australia. Suspicion in the murder of a 77-year-old man points to a wild kangaroo. It is known that the wild kangaroo was the pet of that old man. Australian police said on Tuesday that this is the first time such a deadly kangaroo attack has occurred in 86 years. According to the police sources, on Sunday afternoon in a house in Redmond, Western Australia, the old man was rescued by one of his relatives. The old man had multiple injuries on his body.

The ambulance was immediately informed. The man died before the ambulance arrived at the sceneA police spokesperson said they are sure the man was attacked by a kangaroo. “When the ambulance crews went to rescue the man, they were blocked by the kangaroo,” the spokesman said. According to the police, they were finally forced to shoot the kangaroo because the danger was increasing due to him. The police said that the old man had adopted the kangaroo as a pet.

Police said the species of kangaroo is yet to be identified. However, the Western Gray Kangaroo is more common in the Great Southern region. Male kangaroos of this particular species can grow up to 2.2 meters long and weigh up to 70 kg. According to reports published in various Australian media, the last time a fatal attack by a kangaroo occurred in 1936. According to reports published in the Sydney Morning Herald, a 36-year-old man named William Cruickshank died after being attacked by a kangaroo. The kangaroo attack left the man with a broken jaw and head injuries.

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