Joe Biden is the enemy of America, Trump’s attack on the country’s president

Newshub18: Joe Biden is the enemy of America, Trump’s attack on the country’s president.

Former US President Donald Trump fired a shot at US President Joe Biden. He called Biden ‘America’s enemy’ from a rally in Pennsylvania on Saturday. Trump’s Florida home was raided by the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) last month. Trump appeared at a public meeting for the first time since the campaign on August 8. After that, he fired at Biden. Trump considers the FBI’s operation to be a “travesty of justice”. And because of this, he warned that “the reaction that no one has ever seen”Trump strongly criticized the Biden administration from a public meeting in Pennsylvania.

He said, “There is no precedent for the true threat to American freedom that has come a few weeks ago. The abuse of power at the hands of an administration that you have witnessed has never happened in American history.” He thinks that the activities of the Biden administration regarding this operation are outside the protocol. He believes that the FBI law and the judiciary should work independently.

Trump encouraged his supporters at the rally on Saturday. Said, “This misuse of the law will create a negative reaction that has never been seen before.Hearing this ‘threat’ of Trump, his supporters burst into applause. Trump also criticized US President Biden’s speech last week. “The extremism they represent is a danger to the foundation of our republic,” Biden said of his predecessor and Republican supporters. Trump called the speech “the most vile, hateful and divisive speech ever given by an American president.” After that, Trump told his supporters, “He (Biden) is the enemy of America. You should all know that.” The call of the Make America Great Again campaign has once again been heard in Trump’s mouth

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