Joe Biden is active in removing the name of Taliban-ruled Afghanistan from the list of allies

Newshub18 :Joe Biden is active in removing the name of Taliban-ruled Afghanistan from the list of allies

President Joe Biden has said in a letter to Congress that he wants to officially remove Taliban-ruled Afghanistan from its list of non-NATO allies. In a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the President wrote: “I am issuing a notice to remove Afghanistan from the list of non-NATO allies in accordance with the amendment to USC 2321 under Section 517 of the Foreign Aid Act, 1971.” In 2012, the United States designated Afghanistan as a major non-NATO ally, paving the way for the two countries to maintain defense and economic ties.

The title was announced by then-US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during a visit to Kabul. If the House of Representatives approves the proposal, Afghanistan will be deprived of US defense equipment, defense research and space technology assistance. In other words, the Taliban rulers of that country will not get any additional benefits in defense and technology from America. NATO allies in the United States are bound by a joint defense agreement, but non-NATO allies do not have a mutual defense guarantee. In addition, private companies in designated countries may bid on contracts for the maintenance and repair of U.S. military equipment abroad.

The status of the ally enabled Afghanistan to receive military training and assistance, including the sale of military equipment, even after NATO troops left the country. With military and economic aid cut off, Biden’s country is set to take away Afghanistan’s capabilities. According to the State Department, if the status of Afghanistan is revoked, the United States will have 16 major non-NATO alliesThey are: Argentina, Australia, Bahrain, Brazil, Colombia, Egypt, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Qatar, South Korea, Thailand and Tunisia.

communications director of US President Joe Biden, is resigning.

Meanwhile, Kate Bedingfield, the communications director of US President Joe Biden, is resigning. The White House confirmed the information last Wednesday. News AFP.
A statement from the Biden administration said Kate would step down later this month. She has decided to give more time to her husband and children.


White House Chief of Staff Ron Klein said Kate played a key role in everything Biden achieved during his two terms as vice president, during his election campaign, and after his arrival at the White House.
About Kate, Klein added that his strategic intelligence, his deep passion for the president’s agenda, his focus on work, are unparalleled.
Midterm elections in November in the United States. Prior to the election, several high-ranking officials in the Biden administration resigned. Kate’s name is going to be the last to be added to this list.

Democrat leaders in Congress are expressing frustration with Biden’s strategy on various issues.
Among the most recently resigned are Mike Gwen, Biden’s director of emergency response, and Jane Sackie, the press secretary. Among those who have left the Biden administration are lower-ranking officials.
However, exceptional images have also been seen. About a year later, a senior adviser returned to the White House

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