Jeremy Hunt ahead as Boris’ successor

Newshub18 :Jeremy Hunt ahead as Boris’ successor, and the list also includes people of Indian and Pakistani descen

Former United Kingdom Health Minister Jeremy Hunt is leading the race for the Tory Party (Conservative Party). Hunt came to the scene after UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson decided to leave the party leadership. News from the BBC.

Hunt is working hard to attract other team leaders. The party’s senior leader, Tom Togendhat, and Attorney General Suela Brewerman have announced their intention to take the lead.
Boris was recently forced to resign from the party after cabinet members expressed distrust in his leadership. But Boris said he would remain prime minister until a suitable one was found. However, some leaders of the opposition and Boris’s own party are now seeking his resignation. However, those concerned do not think that Boris will leave the post of Prime Minister very soon.

Boris has already made a list to form a new cabinet. Boris is working to replace the ministers who have resigned in disbelief under his leadership. He has informed the resigning ministers that he will be acting prime minister.
Tory MP Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown said Boris Johnson would remain prime minister until a successor was elected.

Who is this Jeremy Hunt

The name of former minister Jeremi Hunt is also being heard in the running of the Prime Minister. Hunt was in the running to become the leader of the Conservative Party during Johnson’s time. His desire to be prime minister is not over, the former minister said earlier this year. Hunt also voted against Johnson during the June confidence vote. Defense Minister Ben Wallace’s name is circulating. The 52-year-old minister has been seen playing a key role in countering Russia’s military campaign in Ukraine. Ben was praised by his team for this. Ben, a former British soldier, began his political career as a member of the Scottish Assembly in 1999 before being elected to the British Parliament in 2005.

Incumbent Finance Minister Nadhim Jahawi, former Defense Minister Penny Mordent and Minister Tom Tugenwatt are not far behind. However, in the end, we will have to wait for a few days for the fate of the Prime Minister.

Looking for a new UK PM after Boris Johnson Resigns. Who is the next British Prime Minister Boris Johnson! There are several names on the list, including Rishi Sunak. There is also a minister of Pak descent in the Masnad war.

Boris Johnson paid for 10 Downing Street. The Conservative Party has begun campaigning for Boris’s succession. Among them, as the next British Prime Minister, the practice has started with multiple names. The list includes Rishi Sunak, a resigned finance minister of Indian descent, and Sajid Javed, a health minister of Pakistani descent.

Sage Sunak

The most talked about name in Britain as Johnson’s next prime minister is Rishi Sunak, a resigned finance minister of Indian descent. Narayanamurthy’s son-in-law Rishi is the co-founder of Infosys. Boris Johnson appointed Rishi as Finance Minister in 2020. Sunak first comes to mind at the time of Atimari. He started multiple projects in the interest of common people. Despite the financial burden on the government, he gained popularity among the British people. However, the controversy did not leave the sage behind. And that was around his wife Akshata Murti. Problems arise with the wife’s non-residential tax status. At the same time, Rishi Sunak was accused of ignoring the lockdown during the Corona massacre and rioting on Downing Street. He also had to pay a fine for this. The sage, a father of two, studied at Oxford and Stanford. He was a staunch supporter of Bexit.

Sajid Javid

The name that has come up in the list of candidates for the post of Prime Minister after Rishi Sunak is Sajid Javid of Pak descent. He was the first rebel minister to resign, accusing Johnson of lying. Javid was vocal in his allegations of sexual harassment against a senior leader of the party. Johnson also accused the British people of misleading him. Boris Johnson resigned from the post of finance minister in 2020 and handed over the responsibility of health minister to Sajid. Sajid Javid, a fan of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher

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