Japanese Prime Minister is infected with Corona

Newshub18 :Japanese Prime Minister is infected with Corona.

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has contracted the coronavirus. The Prime Minister’s Office confirmed this information on Sunday.
Fumio Kishida was supposed to return to work on Monday after spending a week of summer vacation with his family. Prior to this, he developed fever and cold on Saturday night. In this situation, the doctors recommended him to be tested for corona. He was diagnosed with corona in the test. Doctors have asked Fumio Kishida to remain in isolation until August 30.

Fumio Kishida was scheduled to travel to Tunisia to attend the African Development Conference on August 27 and 28. In such a context, his program for the next one week has become very uncertain. However, the Prime Minister’s Office said that Sasri will attend the conference virtually instead of being present.
Japan is now in its seventh wave of coronavirus infections. The Japanese government has refrained from taking drastic measures considering the harmful effects on the economy despite the increase in infections due to micro-types. Although the number of deaths due to the virus is relatively low, the Ministry of Health and expert doctors are worried because the daily infection is increasing. As of Sunday, a total of 24,780 people have been diagnosed with corona in Tokyo. This number is close to two and a half lakh across the country.
Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno, who serves as Japan’s top government spokesman, had earlier contracted the coronavirus. Apart from this, at the beginning of this month, the digital minister of the government also tested positive for corona.

Now know what to do if you feel infected, where to go?

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, people are naturally panicking if they have a couple of symptoms and signs like fever and dry cough or body ache.

And in the context of various complaints about overcrowding of patients and non-availability of services in public and private hospitals, many people are in doubt whether to go to the hospital to seek the help of a doctor or not.

But what to do if you realize that you are showing multiple symptoms of coronavirus infection?

BBC spoke to Professor Sabera Gulnahar, head of virology department of Rajshahi Medical College, Kazi Saifuddin Bennur, doctor of Dhaka Chest Hospital and professor Tahmina Shirin, head of virology department of Government Institute of Pathology, Disease Control and Research.

Be separated at the beginning

The first symptoms of coronavirus infection are fever and dry cough. There may also be body muscle pain, sore throat, loss of taste and smell, shortness of breath, sometimes stomach upset and vomiting or nausea.

Doctors suggest that if one sees multiple such symptoms in oneself, then go into ‘self-isolation’ at the outset, i.e. completely separate oneself from the rest of the family.

This will prevent the spread of virus infection among family, workplace, and surrounding people.

Stay in a separate room if possible, where one does not have to go out for breakfast and other activities. Food and other essential items and medicines will be left outside the door of the house by the family members.

If this arrangement is not possible, maintain a distance of at least six feet from others and wear a mask.

Samples should be tested

Although doctors say, now if one or more symptoms appear along with fever, measures should be taken assuming it is Covid-19, i.e. sample testing and treatment should be arranged.

Sample testing can be done in both public and private sectors. In Bangladesh, 62 government laboratories are currently testing coronavirus samples. 32 of them are in Dhaka.

In that case, call the hotline number provided by the Health Department, or contact the local civil surgeon or city corporation.

Samples can be tested free of charge at government laboratories.

The government has fixed the cost of private sample testing up to Tk 3,500 if the sample is tested at the hospital and Tk 4,500 if the sample is collected at home.

Hot water gargle and steam

You may have allowed the sample to be tested, but instead of sitting around waiting for his report to come in, you have to do something regularly every day.

First and foremost is gargling hot water, and doctors recommend gargling at least four to six times a day.

Also take steam of hot water several times a day.

Eat nutritious food

Doctors think that at this time eat food that increases immunity.

Therefore, eat more protein foods. You can eat soup. Eat foods rich in vitamin C.

Seek medical advice

Consult a doctor at this time. In this case, experts are prohibiting taking medicine after seeing the prescription shared by someone on social media

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