Is Leonardo in love with Jiji?

Newshub18:Is Leonardo in love with Jiji?

Apart from being an actor, Leonardo DiCaprio has a reputation as a lover off-screen as well. But his bad reputation as a lover is that none of his relationships last long. But when the relationship with Camila Morone completed four years, many thought that this relationship would be long-lasting. But last August it also broke. New news, the Oscar-winning actor is dating supermodel Gigi Hadid.

There were whispers about their relationship for quite some time, this time they were seen together for the first time. Citing sources close to the two stars, several Western media reported their love. However, another source told that DiCaprio and Gigi are now getting to know each other. They are dating, it cannot be said right now. The source claims that the two stars have been spotted spending time in New York several times over the past week. Gigi has previously dated popular British singer Zayn Malik. Their six-year relationship broke up in 2021. Zayan and Jiji also have a child from a previous relationship

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