Is it dangerous to talk on the phone while charging?

Newshub18 :Is it dangerous to talk on the phone while charging?

There are some common ideas and beliefs about various issues. Those are actually myths. Such myths are also heard about computer or mobile phone technology. But the real truth is different. Let’s find out about 10 common misconceptions.

1. The refresh button speeds up Windows

Typical: Clicking the refresh button speeds up the Windows-powered computer and everything goes smoothly.
Fact: The refresh button works completely differently. Clicking on refresh eliminates any errors or temporary issues with the program. Suppose you have created a folder. But its name is not seen. If you refresh, you will see the folder with name. Refresh has nothing to do with increasing the speed of the computer.

2. Never talk on a cell phone while charging

Conventional: Never talk on a mobile phone charge. It can explode and cause injuries, even death.
Fact: This myth is probably most believed by mobile phone users. But this is a completely wrong idea. Ordinary mobiles or smartphones are less prone to exploding. If charged with a faulty charger or if there were mechanical faults during the manufacture of the phone, the phone may explode. For example, some sets of Samsung Note 8 had such problems. Explosions have nothing to do with talking or using the phone while charging.
If the phone is overheated while charging, you will understand that there is a problem with the charger or the battery of the phone.

3. Only use the manufacturer’s charger with the phone


Chargers that use low quality circuits are harmful to the phone.

Conventional: Use only the charger that the manufacturer will provide with the phone. Or you need to use a charger made by another manufacturer (third party) approved by the phone manufacturer. Otherwise the battery will be damaged or the phone will explode.
Fact: The best way is to use the charger provided by the phone manufacturer. But this does not mean that no other charger can be used. Low cost or high priced chargers are also not an issue. Chargers that use low quality circuits are harmful to the phone.

4. If you close the app completely, the phone will save energy


Battery saver mode stops any app running behind the scenes (background process).

Typical: When you close an app, it still runs inside the phone. For this, you need to use a task killer type app to keep the app completely closed. It will not cost you internet, phone power.
Fact: It is true that apps like Facebook and WhatsApp are active in the background even if they are not running. These continue to give you the latest messages, notifications. If you forcibly stop the behind-the-scenes process of such an app, it will stop and launch again immediately. There is no profit by force. If you do not want the backend of these apps, you can use the battery saver mode on your phone. Battery saver mode stops any app running behind the scenes (background process).

5. Full mobile signal means the best network service

Typical: If you see your phone showing the full range of mobile signals, it means you are getting the best network service and maximum speed in sending data.
Fact: A lot of times we see the whole signal on the phone, but maybe the speed of the internet is still slow. In fact this whole signal does not guarantee the best network service. This refers to the signal strength shown on the mobile, which you get from the nearest mobile phone tower.

. More RAM means more speed on the computer


High-speed RAM can speed up the work of the computer.

Conventional: High power RAM increases the speed of computer work.
Fact: RAM is nothing more than a temporary data storage device created while working on a computer. The higher the RAM, the higher the temporary data capacity of the running program. If you increase the RAM, you will only get the opportunity to keep more programs open at the same time. Suppose your computer has 2 GB of RAM, but the programs you are working on have taken up more than 3 GB of space, in which case your computer will slow down. If you really want to increase the speed of the computer, then look at the type, not the amount of RAM. Such as DDR-3 or DDR-4. Fast RAM can speed up the work of the computer.

. You need to open USB by clicking on Safely Remove


Typical: Before opening any USB device, you must click on the ‘Safely Remove USB’ button. Otherwise, your data or data on USB may be lost or the edited data may not be saved.
Fact: As long as you are writing something on the USB drive or reading something from the drive, there is no problem in opening the drive. When you click on ‘Safely Remove USB’ the operating system only confirms that it has no active data. And the changes made in the data are saved. Any change in the data is saved in just 5 seconds. So when the work is done, just wait for 5 seconds and open the USB.

. An anti-virus will prevent all viruses


Anti-virus programs prevent viruses and malware

Common: An anti-virus software will protect you from all kinds of computer viruses and the latest attacks. You are safe as long as you have a specific anti-virus installed.
Fact: Anti-virus programs prevent viruses and malware. But anti-virus will not ‘bullet proof’ your computer. Installing a good anti-virus, installing software from an unknown source and thinking that you are safe is a completely wrong idea. The strongest two types of virus attacks cannot handle an anti-virus. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Usually an anti-virus program retrieves information about malicious code from a specific database. If attacked by code from another or new source, the antivirus can do nothing more. And if you download (sell) any illegally sold software for free, then no anti-virus can save you. Your best precaution is not to download any programs from unreliable sources.

9. Emptying the Recycle Bin means deleting files permanently


Emptying the Recycle Bin (Empty) does not delete all files or information forever.

Conventional: To delete a file permanently, delete it from the drive and then delete it from the Recycle Bin.
Fact: Many people believe that emptying the Recycle Bin will delete all files or information forever. That’s not right. When you delete a file from the Recycle Bin, Windows only shows it as Deleted. And the place is empty. In fact, the file or information is still there and waiting to write something new in that place on the disk. If something new isn’t overwritten there, the deleted file can be safely restored.

10. Your information is ‘private’ in private browsing mode


Private mode of all conventional browsers keeps all the information of internet usage locally.

Typical: If you do not want to share or keep your activities on the web with anyone, you should only use the private or incognito browser window.
Truth: No, not at all. When talking about VPN (Virtual Private Network) to keep your footing on the Internet secret, many people talk about private browser window. Many people think that the private mode of the browser keeps the user invisible. The private mode of all conventional browsers keeps all the information of internet usage locally. Anyone outside can follow your movements. An outsider means an Internet service provider, an Internet regulator (office or school), a website you are visiting (such as Facebook), any monitoring software installed on a computer, and so on. VPN is by far the best way to keep yourself ‘invisible’

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