Iran-Venezuela sign 20-year agreement

Newshub18:Iran-Venezuela sign 20-year agreement

Iran and Venezuela have signed a 20-year cooperation agreement. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro arrived in the Iranian capital, Tehran, on Saturday. This agreement was signed with Iran at that time. According to the agreement, the two countries will cooperate in energy, defense, economic system and tourism.

After the signing of the agreement, the two heads of state held a joint press conference in Tehran. At the time, Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi said the two countries had agreed to work in various fields of development through the signing of the agreement.

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Relations between Australia and France have soured over the submarine deal. Australia on Saturday inked a compensation deal with French submarine maker Naval Group. This ended a year-long feud between Canberra and Paris over breach of treaty.

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanizi has said the French company has agreed to settle the deal for ৮ 584 million. This marks the end of a multi-billion-dollar submarine deal signed by Australia for more than a decade. The breach of the agreement sparked a heated dispute between the two countries’ top leaders.

French Defense Minister Sebastian Lacarno said: “The agreement allows us to start a new chapter in our bilateral relations with Australia and look forward to it.”

Australian Prime Minister Tony Blair has said he will visit France soon and work to reduce tensions between the two countries.
The dispute between France and Australia began in September 2021. The then Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison abruptly canceled a deal with France to build a diesel-powered submarine. He spoke at the time about the secret talks between the

United States and the United Kingdom over the purchase of nuclear-powered submarines. The President of France Emmanuel Macho expressed his displeasure in this regard. He accused Morrison of lying in public and removed the ambassador from Australia. Relations between the two countries did not thaw until Albanian came to power. Albanian has taken steps to normalize relations with France since coming to power in May.

Malala was shot in the head by a TTP gunman in 2012 while campaigning against the Pakistani Taliban’s (TTP) malpractice to deprive women of education. However, Malala survived. Then at the youngest age (18 years) received the Nobel Peace Prize. Malala Yousafzai is now 24 years old.

In an interview, Malala said many things are happening because of climate change. As a result, millions of girls are not able to go to school. Drought and floods have had a direct impact on schools. People are being forced to leave their homes. The girls are the most affected. First of all, girls are dropping out of school.

Taking part in the protests on Friday, Malala told a story about how climate change has affected her life. He said that when he went to school, it was hampered by climate change. The floods inundated their homes and surrounding areas. Due to this he did not go to school for many days.

According to Malala, Thunberg and Nakat, the Friday for the Future program raises the issue of girls being deprived of education due to climate change.
They say girls in developing countries in particular are being hit hardest by the climate crisis. If these girls are empowered through education, then they can be part of the solution to the crisis.

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