IPhone 13 is coming, price is increasing,There may be surprise

Newshub18 :IPhone 13 is coming, price is increasing,There may be surprise

US technology giant Apple unveils new iPhone models almost every year in September. In the meantime, rumors have spread that the next series of 13 iPhone smartphones is coming in September. Earlier, rumors have spread in the technology market about the new model. Today’s Newshub18 event details the details of the rumors and possibilities about the next iPhone


Apple analyst Ming Ching Kuo said that iPhone 13 users will be able to make calls even if they do not have a mobile network. In fact, Apple is going to bring low-earth-orbit satellite phones. The iPhone 13 may have Qualcomm customized X60 baseband chip. It can be called even if there is no 4G or 5G network.

Prices are rising

According to a report, the price of the upcoming iPhone 13 has been increased. The reason is that the iPhone 13 has been said to cost more to produce. The new iPhone change is convertible for each model.

There is a notch

Most of the Android phones in the market are using punch-holes. However, Apple is not eliminating the much-discussed notch from the iPhone 13. However, market analysts say that the notch of the iPhone 13 will be smaller than the previous models.

Small battery

The iPhone 13’s battery will take up less space inside the device. Apple could use flexible circuit board technology to increase battery power, said Apple technology analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Changes are also coming in the case of MagSafe charging.

Development in the camera

Apple is surpassing itself in the low light performance of iPhone 13. Due to the improved image stabilization, it will produce more sharp images. The video also has portrait mode. There will also be a new diagonal lens layout. However, as before, telephoto lenses are available only with Pro and Pro Max models.

In display finger print
The fingerprint scanner has been added to the bottom of the display on Android phones a long time ago. There are rumors that this feature is finally being added to the iPhone. The rumor has surfaced in multiple reports, the same thing said Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.



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