India’s lack of rain raises concern over paddy production, questions global food security

Newshub18 :India’s lack of rain raises concern over paddy production, questions global food security.

A few days ago, wheat, edible oil famine was seen across the world. This shortage was seen in the world market due to the Ukraine war. Due to which there was a fear of food shortage all over the world. And after wheat, edible oil, rice may appear in the world this time. It is to be noted that despite the early arrival of monsoon in India this season, rainfall deficiency has been observed in different parts of the country. Meanwhile, India is the largest exporter of rice. If India’s rice cultivation is damaged in this climate, it can become a matter of concern for the whole world.

Food prices are on the rise in many European countries, America. The world’s fastest growing economies are suffering from inflation fever. In this situation, 13 percent less land is being cultivated in India this year. Naturally the production of paddy will be affected due to this. And if that happens, India’s rice exports will go down a lot. This year, the lack of rain in states like West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh may cause this famine.
Meanwhile, traders are also worried due to this situation. Because, if rice cultivation is affected, it will affect the country’s economy. If the price of rice increases, food inflation will increase. Meanwhile, if rice exports decrease, the country’s foreign exchange reserves will also be affected. Incidentally, India accounts for 40 percent of the world’s rice exports. Earlier, the government had imposed a ban on sugar and wheat exports to ensure the country’s food security. In this situation, traders fear that if the production of rice is low, the government may impose a ban on the export of rice.

Already in the last two weeks, the price of different types of rice has increased by 10 percent in the country. Deficiency of rain in states like West Bengal, Odisha, Chhattisgarh and increase in demand for rice in Bangladesh are the reasons behind this price hike. It should be noted that most rice is consumed in the world in Asia. For this reason the supply of rice is also essential for the stability of the region. In this climate, many agricultural scientists are optimistic that there is still a rainy season in August-September. At that time if the deficiency of rain is met then the production of paddy can increase.

India exports rice to a total of 100 countries, including China, Nepal, Bangladesh, and several countries in the Middle East. Meanwhile, the Center has lifted all restrictions on the production of ethanol from rice after Covid. However, considering the current situation of several rice producing states, the government may restrict the use of rice in ethanol production. But only time will tell what steps the government will take in the end

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