India gifted 80 Mahindra Scorpios to Nepal, do you know why?

Newshub18:India gifted 80 Mahindra Scorpios to Nepal, do you know why?India hands over 80 vehicles to Nepal. All those cars are Mahindra Scorpio. But why did India suddenly give so many cars to Nepal? It is known that general elections are going to be held in Nepal soon. Last Thursday, 80 Mahindra Scorpio pickup trucks were sent to Nepal from India for the Election Commission of that country. Indian Ambassador to Nepal Naveen Srivastava handed over these pickup trucks to Nepal’s Chief Election Commissioner Dinesh Kumar Thapalia at a function. With this, India sent a total of 200 vehicles for the neighboring country’s elections.

India is working to send cars in this way by supporting Nepal based on the request. A total of 214 vehicles have been shipped to the country so far. On that occasion, Nepal’s Chief Election Commissioner Thapalia said, “November 20, 2022 is the general election in our country. These periodic elections are necessary in our country to maintain the democratic system. We still have 17 days to vote. The Government of India is helping us with vehicles, election materials and other essential support.”

Meanwhile, Indian Ambassador to Nepal Srivastava said, “India has always been a very good friend of Nepal. Our relationship is very cordial. India has always welcomed the request of the Election Commission of Nepal to be a neighbor and a democratic country. And based on that, we handed over 80 cars today.” These vehicles will be used in Nepal’s elections, which begin on November 20.

Of the 200 vehicles that India has sent to Nepal, 80 will be used for the general elections, while the remaining 120 will be used by the country’s security forces. As the mountainous region of Nepal is extensive, the Mahindra Scorpio car has been given keeping that aspect in mind.But this is not the first time that India has gifted a car to Nepal. India has so far sent a total of 2400 vehicles to the country in the past years, which are used by Nepal Police, Armed Police Force and Nepal Army

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