Inauguration of Charles III as King

Newshub18: Inauguration of Charles III as King.

After the death of his mother Elizabeth II, he was traditionally succeeded by his eldest son Charles III. There was only waiting for formalities. It was also completed in London today, Saturday. Charles III has been inaugurated as the King of Britain through a ceremony at St. James’s PalaceCharles has been declared as the king by Britain’s ‘Excession Council’. The council is made up of senior members of the British royal family and political and religious leaders. Today’s announcement by the Council was televised for the first time in history.

This ceremony has been performed for hundreds of years to recognize the sovereignty of a new king or queen. The inauguration ceremony was attended by several hundred members of the Privy Council (Advisory Council), including the new Prime Minister, Liz Truss. Charles’ wife Camilla and eldest son and heir Prince William were also spotted there.

St. James’s Palace was decorated in red and gold for the inauguration. At that time, it was announced by the council that after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles Philip Arthur George would become the new king. God save the king. Immediately the councilors said in unison, God save the king

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