In Sri Lanka, women exchange their bodies for daily necessities

Newshub18 :In Sri Lanka, women exchange their bodies for daily necessities.

Sri Lanka has faced extreme economic disaster. The economy there has practically collapsed. Even, the residents are struggling to gather the minimum supplies for living. Meanwhile, Ranil Wickremesinghe has become the acting president of Sri Lanka after Gotabaya Rajapakse stepped down. According to the law, he is sitting in this position, but a few days ago he also had to face strong protests. In fact, the situation became so critical that he even wanted to resign. However, he still remains the president.

Meanwhile, the situation in Sri Lanka has deteriorated to such an extent that women in the country are forced to engage in prostitution to support their families. Even, currently the capital of the country, Colombo, is being found everywhere. Basically, women are choosing this profession to save their families in dire financial straits. What used to be ayurvedic spas is now a beehive. Even if they go to the store to buy the necessary items, there is no other way for them except to sell the body.

It should be noted that thousands of weavers across Sri Lanka are already on the verge of losing their jobs. Most of whom are women. Meanwhile, Sri Lanka’s textile industry has been hit hard in the last few months. Basically, in this situation, foreigners cannot trust to maintain business relations with that country. Even, most of the Barat is going to the businessmen of India or Bangladesh. As a result, retrenchment of textile workers is likely to begin.

In such a situation, women are enlisting in body trade to meet the family expenses. Even, according to several local media reports, it is known that even if they go to buy common goods from the grocery store, they have to sell their bodies. In this context, a female worker who did not want to be named said that, “If I was associated with the textile industry, I would get a salary of 28,000 rupees per month. Besides, I used to get a maximum salary of 35 thousand rupees. But now I earn an average of 15,000 taka per day through prostitution. Many may not agree with me on this matter. Now many women are forced to have sex even if they go to buy something from the shop. In this case, we use this vulnerability as a tool. Besides, we had no choice but to look for alternative careers to support our family.

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