In love with the Bayern coach, the female journalist was removed

Newshub18 :In love with the Bayern coach, the female journalist was removed.

Journalists have to talk to players and coaches in news gathering. The communication has to be maintained almost every day. What if a female journalist falls in love with acoach for the sake of this communication?Lena Burgenberger can say, sometimes the opposite can happen. Let’s introduce Lena first. The 30-year-old journalist is a reporter for the German media outlet Bild. The media did not hesitate to make a decision after the news of his love affair with Bayern Munich coach Julian Nagelsman was published. Bergenberger has been removed from Bayern’s news coverage.

Meanwhile, the British media ‘Mail Online’ reported that what will happen if Bild removes him, Bergenberger is currently in love with Nagelsman on the sea and beach in Ibiza, Spain. The two were seen in an intimate situation on a yacht. Nagelsman had gone through a bad time a few days ago.

In early June, Bild reported that Nagelsmann, who took over as Bayern coach in April last year, had ended a 15-year relationship with longtime girlfriend and wife Verena. After getting married in 2016, the two got divorced last June. After that, Nagelsman is always seen in an intimate situation with BurgenbergerAccording to Bild, Bergenberger was removed from collecting news from Bayern Munich as an “immediate response”. Bergenberger was a reporter for another German club, Werder Bremen, on behalf of Bild, before covering Bayern for two years. Nagelsman wanted to keep his love affair with her a secret. Burgenberger has professional relationships with all Bayern players. They have been interviewed a lot.

Bergenberger also interviewed Senegalese striker Sadio Mann, who joined Bayern a few days ago. Nagelsman may have thought that revealing a love affair with him could have an impact on the coach’s professionalism with the players. But where else could Nagelsaman do that! Pictures of the two falling in love on the yacht are now floating on social media. Nagelsman, who turns 35 next month, has a son and a daughter in his front room.

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