Imran called for a protest rally in Islamabad

Newshub18 :Imran called for a protest rally in Islamabad.


After being ousted from power, former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan staged a protest called the Azadi March demanding early elections. However, after six days of government intervention, the independence march of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) was thwarted. On Monday, PTI chairman Imran Khan announced that he would hold a protest rally with leaders and activists on July 2 at the parade ground in the capital Islamabad. News Dawn Online.

The top leaders of PTI held a meeting on Monday. In it, they discussed the overall political situation in the country, rising inflation, future action plan. They condemned vote rigging in local elections and expressed concern over the failure of the Election Commission of Pakistan to hold fair, transparent and credible elections.

Apart from this, the preparation of the protest rally at the parade ground on July 2 was also discussed at the meeting of the party’s policy-making committee. The PTI’s Rawalpindi and Islamabad branches have also been directed to intensify preparations for the protest rally and launch a maximum campaign to make the rally historic.

Calling for a protest rally, Imran Khan said he would lead the July 2 protest rally. Young people and women of all ages and professions are now more active in politics than ever before. He claimed that protests across the country were proof of that when the opposition removed him.

Imran Khan alleges that the country’s ‘Mir Zafars’ are more recklessly destroying the country’s constitution, law and democratic values ​​than the dictators

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