If you don’t want to watch offensive videos on YouTube

Newshub18 :If you don’t want to watch offensive videos on YouTube

YouTube is the favorite platform for everyone, big or small, to watch videos. The platform offers good quality video content as well as offensive videos. A lot of times when you sit with family members and look for videos or movies, you find offensive videos in the search results. As a result, it is quite embarrassing. Offensive video displays can be turned off using YouTube’s Restricted Mode.

To change YouTube’s settings, you must first login to the updated YouTube app with your Gmail account. Now turn on YouTube on the device running iPhone or Android operating system and select the Settings option by clicking on the profile icon in the right corner. After selecting the General option and selecting the Restricted mode option on the next page, Restarted mode will work only if you turn on YouTube againTo turn on Restricted Mode on your computer,

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you need to login to YouTube with your Gmail account and click on the profile icon in the top right corner. When the settings menu is turned on, come down a bit and click on Restricted Mode: Off option to turn on ACTIVATE RESTRICTED MODETo turn on this feature on Android-powered television, you first need to login to YouTube with a Gmail account. Then enter the Apps option from the Home screen and click on the YouTube app. Now you have to turn on Restricted Mode or Safety Mode option from Settings

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