If Gavaskar could talk to Kohli for 20 minutes!

Newshub18 :If Gavaskar could talk to Kohli for 20 minutes!

Virat Kohli’s batting form is now the most talked about topic in cricket. This batsman, one of the best cricketers, has not been on the run for a long time, it has become a matter of discomfort for everyone. What if Kohli will return, he is giving the opinion that he does as he likes. Many are against Kohli, they want to drop him from the Indian team. Many are standing by Kohli’s side, inspiring him, giving him hope. But Kohli’s long lack of form has also left them worried.

Ended in November 2019. After that, Kohli did not score a hundred in international cricket for almost three years. But before that, he has already scored 70 centuries in international cricket. Even if he didn’t get a hundred for a while, he got the run right. But this year has been a nightmare for Kohli. What was getting a little run, is not getting that anymore. He had a big drought in India’s recent tour of England. He has failed only in Tests, his bat is silent even in limited overs cricket. How to solve the biggest ‘mystery’ in cricket, even if it does not come to anyone’s mind, Indian batting legend Sunil Gavaskar thinks that he can solve it.

How! Gavaskar feels that if he had a chance to talk to Kohli for 20 minutes, he would have been able to explain the way out of his bad form. Gavaskar said he can cure Kohli’s poor form. He wants to talk to Kohli, show him a few things with his finger in the eye.

Gavaskar told India Today, ‘If I had been with him for 20 minutes, I could have told him what to do. It might help him, I’m not saying it will help him, but it might, especially with that off-stump ball.’

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Gavaskar also said, “As an opener there is a problem with that line and there are other things. If I get 20 minutes to talk to him, I can tell him these things.’

Kohli’s 31 runs in two innings in Edgbaston Test on England tour. 12 in two matches in the T20 series, 33 in two ODIs — Kohli should really sit down with Gavaskar.

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