I will show United what they did wrong

Newshub18 :I will show United what they did wrong.

What is the real benefit of Manchester United with Paul Pogba? Fans of the English club may have to think twice to answer this question!
A Europa League and a League Cup  United’s jersey in two rounds of seven-year pogbar in judging the title. He also won two titles in 2016, under Jose Mourinho. United could not do much business with the 2018 World Cup winning French midfielder, on the contrary, they paid 105 million Euros.

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Pogba left United again in the second half. Joining Juventus again this season is also quite certain. The 29-year-old Frenchman gave the old club a warning before moving to a new club. Will he show United what they did wrong by trying to keep him out?

Pogba is a ‘loss project’ for United! He got up from Man United’s academy and played for the club’s main team, from where he went to Juventus for free in 2012. After four years in the spotlight, United became one of the world’s leading players, bringing him back to the world for 105 million euros. But in these six years, Pogbar’s name has become more involved in the debate than the success. At the end of the contract, United released him again for free.

But Pogba is not taking it lightly. He is angry about why United did not try to hold him back. “My concern is to show Manchester (United) what they did wrong by not signing me a new contract,” Pogbar warned in the Amazon Prime documentary Pigmentary. Show other clubs what United did wrong by not offering me a contract! ‘

Revenge, stubbornness, is not a greater motivation than the urge to show. Pogbar is a good idea to keep yourself warm as he is! However, if you believe the news from the English media a year ago, it seems that there is something wrong with Pogbar’s words. Pogbar’s documentary also features Mino Raiola, his former agent who passed away last April, talking about a proposal from United.

According to the English media, United offered Pogba a new contract in 2021. Under current contract, United had a salary of ২ 290,000 a week. According to the English media, it was supposed to be more than three lakh pounds.

But Pogbar did not pay attention to it. Such that he did not think anything of the proposal. In a June 16 Amazon documentary, Pogba said, “You tell a player that you want to keep him at the club, but you don’t want to give him anything in return. How can that be!” I’ve never seen anything like it.

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