I have been in contact with aliens, they have abducted me many times! The claim of the truck driver

Newshub18 :I have been in contact with aliens, they have abducted me many times! The claim of the truck driver.

There is no end to people’s interest in aliens. Even scientists have been engaged in long studies for years to find out more about the presence of aliens. However, many stories and movies about aliens have already been created based on the imagination. However, questions still remain about the exact presence of aliens.

Meanwhile, from time to time, various claims of UFO sightings from different parts of the world began to emerge. However, they were later proved to be “wrong”. In this situation, a sensational claim came forward. Basically, a 45-year-old truck driver recently claimed to have met aliens. Even, he knows them since childhood.

In such a situation, everyone is shocked to hear this claim. According to British resident Michael Allen, he talks to aliens. Aliens contacted him when he was young. After all, he also revealed that aliens have abducted Michael many times.

In this context, a report of the Daily Star said that Michael first met aliens during his childhood. Basically in the eighties, when the aliens came to him, he got hit on the head. At first he thought he was seeing his mother there. But, according to him, there was a gray alien.

Besides, he also said that he had never seen anything so strange before. Besides, he didn’t know what animal it was. But later realized that he saw an alien that day. Which chose Michael for one of his missions. In addition, Michael also published this encounter with alien beings in book form. In this case, he believes that aliens really exist. Who communicates with him from time to timeNote that Michael is married. Currently he has two children.

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