I am not here to lose’, Stephen’s message on the first day

Newshub18 :I am not here to lose’, Stephen’s message on the first day.East Bengal entered the field late. There is a lot of expectation around red and yellow this time. The last two years have been nothing but failures in East Bengal. The red-yellow camp is looking for success with the hand of Constantine. East Bengal have not won the derby in the last 3 years. Last year ISL was at the bottom of the league table.

This time, the century-old club wants to forget the recent past. This time it is charged up from the beginning. The first day of practice showed that. The former coach of the Indian team took the hand of the footballers to practice hard on the first day. Many new faces in the team this time. At the same time, there are also experienced footballers. Coach Stephen is doing the work of foreign selection. According to sources, Constantine is going to bring foreigners who have not played in India.

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Ivan Gonzalez was already signed by the club. Despite an initial deal with the Spanish defender, there remains a haze surrounding him. In this regard, the squad of domestic footballers is very much prepared. East Bengal’s practice will start in full swing once the support staff arrives. A separate team has been prepared for the Kolkata League. It is not yet clear if that team will play in Durand. A few ISL footballers can also play in Durand. The whole matter is handled by coach Constantine himself. Amidst all this, East Bengal has been offered to play in Naihati Gold Cup on 16th. Although the club has not officially announced anything yet, East Bengal can play there.

Coach Stephen Constantine has experience in coaching Indian football. Club football is a tough place, especially when coaching a club like East Bengal, there is no doubt that he and his team have to work hard to bring smiles to the fans’ faces. But Stephen Constantine understands Indian football better than many. Coming to India for coaching for the third time, he said, “I did not come here to lose.” Hopefully, I will be successful. A lot of time should be associated with club football. Footballers should be picked up from the academy. I will be successful if I work hard.

East Bengal people received Constantine in a warm welcome. After getting on the field, the red-yellow coach said, “So many fans have come to the field to watch practice.” Very nice to see. The fans have returned to the field after overcoming the Covid thorn.
Stephen’s message for supporters, ‘I came here to coach to succeed. But to be successful, you have to do what you need first. We have to practice hard. At the same time, the mentality must be changed.

Other teams have already hit the ground running for pre-season preparations. Due to some reasons we are late to the field. But we will present good football on the field. I will make East Bengal the ISL champion with responsibility for the first time, I can’t promise that to the fans right now. However, other ISL teams will be afraid to play against East Bengal.

The failure of the last few seasons, investor churn, many things have left East Bengal stranded. Will Stephen be able to turn red and yellow back to light? Former Indian coach biding time. It’s not the thrill or the pressure of coaching at East-Estonia – time is not given to the coach. Three points should be given from the first day. Who else knows better than Stephen’s hen Maidani culture!

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