How to use a computer remotely?

Newshub18:How to use a computer remotely?

Remote desktop software can be used to access personal computers as well as office computers from anywhere in the world. There are currently several remote desktop software available, of which Anidesk is very popular with users.

Files and messages can be sent from the computer with the help of Anidesk software. There will also be an opportunity to capture pictures on the computer screen. The size of the software is quite small, only 3 MB. The software can be downloaded for free from website.
The computer you want to control remotely must first download and install the ANDESK software on that computer. Once you launch the software, you will see a 9-digit ID number. By using the number, you can use the computer from a distance.

How to send the file

To send files to a computer remotely with the help of Anidesk software, first you have to click on the file transfer icon. After selecting the file, if you click on upload, the file will be exchanged. To receive a file from a remote computer in the same way, select the file and click on the Download option

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