How should Chinese Muslims be? President Xi Jinping made it clear

Newshub18 :How should Chinese Muslims be? President Xi Jinping made it clear.

Xi Jinping’s country has been at the center of many discussions around the world regarding the brutality of China’s Uyghur Muslims. However, China has not made any public statement on this matter. Meanwhile, the country’s president, Xi Jinping, has already expressed his opinion on how Muslims living in China should be.

Xi Jinping arrives in Xinjiang on four-day visit: In fact, President Xi Jinping spoke highly of Chinese Muslims after arriving in China’s Xinjiang region. Meanwhile, Xinjiang has the largest number of Uighur Muslims. According to Chinese media reports, Xi Jinping arrived in Xinjiang on his four-day visit. There he told his officials that Islam must adapt to China and adopt a socialist structure.

.Emphasis on increasing commitment to China:

Xi Jinping has emphasized exchange, dialogue and integration among various ethnic groups, including a strong communal spirit for China. He said, this community should increase its responsibility towards China. He also felt that they should work to establish dialogue with other communities. Also, he stressed on the need to improve the governance of religious affairs and realize the healthy development of religion.

To be favorable to the Communist Party:

He also said that Chinese Muslims should adapt to the socialist society followed by the country’s ruling Communist Party. It is also said that religious people should ensure common religious needs and unite close to their party and government.

It should be noted that for the past few years, Chinese President Xi Jinping has been trying to adapt Islam to the policies of the ruling Communist Party. However, the issue of mass imprisonment and torture of Uyghur Muslims in Chinese camps has also come up. However, China has always denied allegations of human rights violations against Muslims.

In one word, China is eager to touch socialism in Islam

China is going to take a five-year plan to publish a ‘Chinese version’ of Islam. Recently, the government of that country said that they are going to publish a new version of Islam in order to adapt Islam to the culture of China. This new Islam will be heavily influenced by socialist ideology.


Xi Jinping’s government said that this decision was taken after discussions with 8 Islamic organizations in China recently. More than two million Muslims live in China. However, the Uyghur community living in that country mostly follow Islam. The country’s Xinjiang province has the largest number of Muslims. Islam is also one of the five major religions recognized in that country.

But the Chinese government considers the community to be separatist and involved in radical religious ideologies. So the idea of ​​the Chinese government is to bring this community into the mainstream. Therefore, the ideology of socialist China is embedded in the people of Islam

Before this, the Chinese government was in the face of controversy for objecting to the beards of Muslims or confiscating their holy scriptures, the Koran. Now let’s see how this new decree of Chinese Prime Minister Xi Jinping affects the Islamic people of that country.

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