How is Shaktigarh Langcha so popular! You will be surprised to hear the history

Newshub18:How is Shaktigarh Langcha so popular! You will be surprised to hear the history.

The princess of Krishnanagar is married to the prince of Bardhaman. In time, the pregnant woman became a princess. The air of happiness in the palace. But another problem started. The princess has no taste in any food. One day passes, two days pass, the food of kings and poets changes, but the taste of the princess does not return.
Everyone including the king and queen began to worry. One day there was a light of hope. The princess told Ranima one day that she had eaten a kind of fried black sweet dipped in juice in Krishnanagar. That sweet combination can cut the taste of the mouth.

What a sweet! Who is his craftsman! He knows nothing. However, Moira, whom he ate the sweets from, has a lame leg, so he walks a little.
As soon as the king heard this from the princess, he immediately sent people from Krishnanagar. That Moira was found. Everyone called her Langcha Moira for digging or walking on a stilt.

On the order of the king, Moira then fed the princess that long black colored sweet dipped in ghee and fried juice of wonderful taste. After eating that sweet, the princess’s distaste for so long disappeared.
Everyone in the palace smiled. Langcha is the name of the sweet after Moira. Maharaj gave Moira lots of land and gifts. That Moira built a new settlement in Shaktigarh of Burdwan. The fame of Langcha made by Langcha Moira spread far and wide. The Langcha of Shaktigarh is famous day by day.

Rice flour is mixed with chickpeas and it is shaped like nora. After that it is fried in oil or Gawa Ghee. Then put in sugar syrup. Sold as five taka or ten taka pieces. Shaktigarh used to have this launcher. After the construction of the Dunbar National Highway, most of the business came up from the Amara area near Gangpur. There are now hundreds of launch stores. Basically the national highway users are the buyers here.

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