Hong Kong has been reborn from the fire: Xi jiping

Newshub18 :Hong Kong has been reborn from the fire: Xi jiping.

President Xi Jinping visited China’s semi-autonomous region on Thursday, ahead of the 25th anniversary of the handover of Hong Kong from the United Kingdom. There, he said, “Hong Kong has been reborn from the fire.” This is his first visit to Hong Kong since the pro-democracy protests.

In 2019, pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong staged several months of protests. Beijing carried out mass arrests and crackdowns to quell the protests. The Chinese Communist Party then had the opportunity to demonstrate its control over the World Trade Center in Hong Kong during its first visit.

Arriving at a high-speed train station in the heart of Hong Kong, Chin Ping said Hong Kong has faced multiple difficult tests at this time. Multiple risks and challenges have been overcome. After this storm, Hong Kong was born again from the fire. At the same time its vitality has become stronger.

Tomorrow is the 25th anniversary of China’s takeover of Hong Kong. With this, half of the deadline for gaining full control of the region is about to be crossed. According to the agreement with the United Kingdom, China will get full control of Hong Kong 50 years after the handover (1947). However, according to the agreement, the region will remain autonomous and independent.However, observers say Beijing’s strict national security law imposed after the 2019 protests is a gross violation of Hong Kong’s promised independence.

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But during a visit to Hong Kong, Chinese President Xi Jinping said, “These events have proved that this one-country, two-state system is truly a great life force.” He added that it could ensure long-term stability and development in Hong Kong and at the same time work for the welfare of the people of Hong Kong

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