He lost his father at a young age! Manisha is Pakistan’s first Hindu woman DSP by force of mind

Newshub18 :He lost his father at a young age! Manisha is Pakistan’s first Hindu woman DSP by force of mind.

Every person has to go through a struggle in their life. However, few of them create a unique success story with hard work and determination. Which inspires others too. In this case, in the present report today we present to you the story of a woman fighter who has already set an unprecedented example. Everyone will be surprised after knowing that!

Basically, today we will tell you about Manisha Rupeta. Who became a DSP (Deputy Superintendent of Police) for the first time in Pakistan as a Hindu woman. After succeeding in the Sindh Public Service Examination, he started his career as a DSP. According to media reports in this context, it is known that Manisha is a resident of Jaqubabad in Sindh province of Pakistan. Which is considered as very backward district. However, Manisha created history by clearing the exam through her hard work and dedication.

Father died at the age of 13: According to a BBC report, Manisha completed her primary education from Yakubabad. However, he lost his father when he was only 13 years old. As a result, he had to face various obstacles from a very young age. In this situation, he remained steadfast in his goal without losing courage.

It is known that Manisha’s mother brought her to Karachi after her father’s death. Since the standard of education in Yakubabad was not very good, his mother decided that the study facilities were better in Karachi. Later, after finishing school, Manisha went on to study medicine, but she wanted to become a police officer.

Even, at one point, it became his dream to work in the police. In this situation, Manisha’s family was not supporting her wishes properly. However, Manisha ultimately decided to become a police officer. Besides, his family members also later supported this decision. And then Manisha fulfilled her dream by passing the exam. Meanwhile, Manisha’s family members are also happy after starting work as Pakistan’s first Hindu woman DSP

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