He is the first coffee minister of the world

Newshub18: He is the first coffee minister of the world.

The heads of government of different countries of the world appoint ministers to perform important duties and take care of various matters. But no coffee minister has been appointed anywhere in the world for so long. The government of Papua New Guinea recently appointed a minister to make the country’s coffee more popular. The work of this minister will be to take care of various things related to coffee. The head of the country’s government said to keep him busy with coffee everywhere – walking, sleeping, chatting.

According to a CNN report, this is the first time in the world that a minister has been appointed to look only at coffee. James Marappe was elected prime minister of Papua New Guinea after winning a controversial election this month. He announced the new cabinet last Tuesday. Two new posts in his cabinet are under discussion. One is the Minister of Coffee and the other is the Minister of Palm Oil. Prime Minister James Marappe said that he has appointed ministers in these two ministries with the specific aim of enriching the country’s economy.

Coffee and palm oil are two of Papua New Guinea’s top exports. Among them, the former Deputy Minister of Commerce and Industry Joe Cooley has been appointed as the Minister of Coffee. Member of Parliament Francis Mane has been appointed as Palm Oil Minister.Prime Minister Mareppe said, ‘Papua New Guinea’s traditional crops have lost importance in the last three to four decades. We want to bring them back into the discussion. These are being divided under specific ministers, so that they can be properly managed at the micro level.’

Palm oil has been Papua New Guinea’s main agricultural export since 2008. The country earns 283 million dollars from this product, which is 40 percent of the country’s total agricultural exports. Coffee ranks second among the country’s agricultural exports. 6 percent of the country’s GDP from 2012 to 2017 comes from this product.

Currently, the country’s coffee industry is facing challenges. Prime Minister Marapp hopes that this situation will change with the appointment of a new coffee minister. Because, the new minister Joe Cooley hails from the Waghi Valley region famous for coffee. He said Joe Cooley would have no other job. His job will be to make the best coffee. He has been told to sleep, walk, talk and think only about coffee.

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