He came back again and again

Newshub18 :He came back again and again.Age was 36 in total. 17 years of career in Mereket. For what he did, he became one of the names of inspiration for the next few generations. Three Marilyn Monroes. The actress passed away exactly 60 years ago today. However, despite leaving the world, he has returned to the screen again and again. Many documentaries and movies have been made about him. The life of the stormy actress in the fifties has been highlighted in various ways. On the occasion of the 60th death anniversary, let’s take a look at the news of various movies and documentaries made about Monroe.

Monroe died in 1962. Just the next year, a documentary film ‘Monroe’ was made on his life. In the documentary, the life of this ‘sex symbol’ of the fifties was highlighted by director Harold Medford. The documentary was narrated by American actor Rock Hudson. The documentary, however, was about the movies Monroe made from Twentieth Century Fox. But till now the documentary has not been released on DVD or otherwise.

Goodbye, Norma Jean, a full-length movie about Monroe’s life, was released in 1976. Misty Rowe played Monroe in Larry Buchanan’s film. However, the film was not well received. Misty Rowe reprises her role as young Monroe in Goodnight, Sweet Marilyn. Larry Buchanan was the director of the film released in 1989. Paula Lane played the adult Monroe in the film.

Released in 1993, ‘Calendar Girl’ is not exactly about Monroe; Rather, it is the story of a young man living in Monroe’s dream. who travels to Hollywood to meet Monroe. Monroe’s appearance in the film was brief, played by Stephanie Anderson. The 1991 TV movie ‘Marilyn and Me’ is a little different. The film is based on the life of American writer Robert Slutzer. Who claims she was married to Monroe. Susan Griffiths played the role of Monroe in the film. The acclaimed TV movie Marilyn: The Untold Story about Monroe was released in 1980. In which Katherine Hicks is seen appearing on screen as Monroe. The film received four Emmy nominations.

‘My Week with Monroe’ released in 2011 is another notable work. Directed by Simon Curtis, the film is based on the story of the 1957 film ‘The Prince and the Showgirl’. Famous American actress Michelle Williams played the role of Monroe here. Critical acclaim, commercial success, and Oscar nominations.
The popular documentary about the actress was released on Netflix this year. Directed by Emma Kumar, ‘The Mystery of Marilyn Monroe: The Unheard Tapes’ is based on the life and death of the actress. Within weeks of his death, the documentary had nearly 23 million views worldwide.

The much awaited film ‘Blonde’ with Marilyn Monroe is waiting for release. It will be released on September 28 on Netflix. It will be screened at this year’s Venice Film Festival. Directed by Australian director Andrew Dominik, the film stars Anna de Armas as Monroe. The impact of Marilyn Monroe on pop culture, it can be said for sure, that more movies and documentaries will be made about the actress

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