Happy air on the sets of Pilu, happy fans in Man Bhalkara episode

Newshub18:Happy air on the sets of Pilu, happy fans in Man Bhalkara episode.

Zee Bangla’s serial Pilu is now in the air of happiness. All the controversies about the relationship between Ranja and Mallar are now in the past. Pilu’s wish was fulfilled. A miracle happened on the wedding day. Ishwar hears Ranja and Mallar’s mind. Guruji was of the opinion that Mallar had first tried to harm Ranja. However, Mallar himself admitted that this is not true. According to him, he never wanted to harm Ranja. He never wanted Ranja to get hurt for him. But why did Mallar leave Ranja, why did the topic of divorce arise! It is not insulting Ranger! It did not harm him!

Although the answer is silent to him Mullah. He can’t understand what to say, who to mean. Just open your heart and say it in front of everyone. That’s when all the storms about marriage passed. Guruji agreed to Ranja and Mallar’s marriage. After that, everyone’s face was filled with happiness. Apart from the happiness in the minds of the speakers, there was only one question in the minds of the fans of the Pilu series, but is there only sadness on the forehead of Ranja. He didn’t get him by loving Ahir, now if Mallar has to fall in love, what can he handle!

Maybe not. This was the story of tension. But now the dark cloud of that disaster has passed. Everything is normal now. Aditya Narayan has only one dream, to save his honor, to save his family, to remarry his daughter. But is it really possible! Can Ranja shake off the relationship with the Basu Mallik family! Maybe not. Only one reason, he loves Mallar. In this situation, another marriage, Ranja is repeatedly losing the war with himself. Seeing all this, Guruji decided that he would leave it all. But later this does not happen

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