Hannan Sheikh got success in malta cultivation in Bangladesh

Newshub18: Hannan Sheikh got success in malta cultivation.While growing other fruits is more or less risky, growing Malta is very advantageous. Because of this, many people are leaning towards malta cultivation. One of them is Hannan Sheikh of Durgapur of Pirojpur Sadar Upazila. He developed Malta garden with a large area in Bolibabla village of Nazirpur, PirojpurHannan Sheikh Malta has achieved the expected success in a short period of time. Agriculture officials said that the soil and climate here are very suitable for malta cultivation.

About 4 years ago businessman Hannan Sheikh started cultivating malta on 7 bigha land. Hannan started to get yield the year after planting the tree. Since then, he has been receiving regular malta from that land every year. And he has profited by selling this Malta. In addition to Malta, he has fish pens, chicken, cow and goat farms on the same land.

Commercial cultivation of Bari-1 variety malta started in Pirojpur about a century ago. Then it was made the district brandy of Malta. At present, per kg of malt is being sold at the retail rate of Tk 80-90 in the local market. Not only Hannan, many farmers and unemployed youths of this district are now inclined towards malta cultivation.

Hannan Sheikh said that no problem has been faced in malta cultivation so far. Because of this, he hopes to further expand malta cultivation. Apart from this, Malta has a lot of demand in the local market. This demand is increasing every day. In Pirojpur, some people used to garden Malta as a hobby. At present there are about 950 malta gardens in the district. At present there is Malta garden on 127 hectares of land in the district

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