Hackers are conducting cyber attacks by sending fake job e-mails

Newshub18 :Hackers are conducting cyber attacks by sending fake job e-mails.

North Korean hacker group Lazarus has been carrying out cyber attacks by sending fake job advertisements via e-mail. To carry out the cyber attack, the hacker team first sends the PDF file containing the job notification by e-mail. By clicking on the PDF file for detailed information, the malware enters the user’s computer and laptop. The cyber attack was detected by antivirus maker Eset.

According to Eset, hackers have been posting enticing recruitment ads on Coinbase, a popular virtual currency trading platform, to attract the attention of users. Many people clicked on the PDF file when the e-mail message came with the title ‘Coinbase Online Careers 2022 _ 7′. As a result, users’ computers are infected with malware without their knowledge. After entering the malware, the hackers can remotely control the laptop or computer at will. This attack is mainly aimed at MacOS users.

Last year too, Lazarus hacker group carried out cyber attacks by luring macOS users for jobs. Not only that, in 2017 they also launched the WannaCry ransomware attack around the world. Cyber ​​security experts have requested not to click on e-mail messages sent by unknown people or organizations to be safe

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