Gun control: Senate agrees to tighten firearms purchases in US

Newshub18 :Gun control: Senate agrees to tighten firearms purchases in US

In the United States, a two-party group consisting of Democrats and Republicans in the Senate has finally agreed to enact a possible gun control law, following a spate of gun shootings and shootings of teenagers at school.

This would include introducing a system to check the past life of anyone under the age of 21 to purchase firearms and to be strict in dealing with the illegal sale of firearms.

The inter-party group has spoken out against the control of personal firearms, but has always been opposed to Republicans.

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But this time the support of ten Republicans has played a very important role.

The fact that the proposals are backed by Republicans means that there are enough votes to turn them into law.

US President Joe Biden says it is “moving in the right direction” but is far short of what is needed to reduce arms violence.

Earlier attempts to pass strict arms control laws failed to get enough votes in Congress.

Many people in the United States die each year from personal gunfire.

A large number of them are children who lost their lives in their own schools.

Most of the time, those involved in school attacks are teenagers.

Nineteen children and two adults were killed in a shootout with a gunman at Uvalde Elementary School in Texas on May 24.

Just ten days earlier, ten people had been killed in another incident at a supermarket in Buffalo, New York.

In 2118, 14 students and three adults were killed in a school shooting in Parkland.

There are many such incidents in the United States. Arms control is a big part of US politics.

Those who work with the right to bear arms are extremely powerful.

Despite many years of efforts, no administration in the country has been able to enact a strict law in this regard.

In the wake of the two May incidents, there has been renewed demand for tougher arms control legislation.

The Democrats and Republicans in the Senate said in a statement that “today we are announcing a sensible bilateral proposal to protect American children, make schools safer, and reduce violence across the country.”

“It is our responsibility to come together to do something to rehabilitate our families who are terrified and secure in society.”

Incorporate mental health assistance, increased investment in school safety, as well as those who have been convicted of domestic violence and have a court order or restraining order to stay away from someone after investigating their past history when purchasing weaponsThey called.President Joe Biden has called on the Senate to pass the resolution as soon as possible.

However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat President Conte’s government.

President Biden has called for a ban on assault weapons.

In addition to schools in Texas and Buffalo, many schools in the United States have been hit by high-powered assault weapons.

Joe Biden said: “It simply came to our notice then.

Protesters are also demanding the introduction of a national licensing system so that gun owners can be registered.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, a Democrat, said the plans were “a good first step” and that he would like to quickly pass the bill in the Senate once the details of the bill are ready.

Republican Mitch McConnell, a minority leader in the Senate, said the move demonstrates “the value of dialogue and cooperation.”

The United States has one of the highest firearms deaths in the world.

Many in the country think that owning a gun is a person’s right.

“The possession and carrying of arms” is a right protected by the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the country.

This is the first time in decades that an arms control law has been approved by both parties.

Earlier, Democrats’ attempts were repeatedly thwarted by Republicans.

Attempts to tighten legislation after nearly 20 children were killed in a school shooting in Sandy Hook, Connecticut, nearly a decade ago, failed to get enough votes in Congress.

The Senate, or upper house of Congress, is currently divided with the support of 50 Democrats and 50 Republicans.

There should be at least 60 votes to avoid the delaying strategy known as ‘Philibuster’ for legislation.

Of the 20 new proposals raised, ten are Republicans, meaning the proposals contain the number needed to overtake Philibuster.

The Democrat-controlled lower house, the House of Representatives, voted this week on a number of measures to control gun sales.

But Republican opposition in the Senate means the bill is unlikely to pass as law.

This means that the only thing that the two sides agreed on Sunday is the only hopeful step now in tackling firearms violence

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