Growing broccoli or green cauliflower in tubs.

Newshub18:Growing broccoli or green cauliflower in tubs. Broccoli. An excellent vegetable, but it spoils quickly after being picked from the field, so it is better to grow it in tubs. Broccoli is high in vitamin C, carotene and calcium. Other food ingredients are also present in small quantities.

Varieties: El Centro, De Cicco, Premium Cross, Green Comet etc. varieties of broccoli are available in our country.
Timing: Ashwin-Agrahayana (September-December) Cultivation season.

Seedlings from seeds: Seedlings should be made from seeds and planted in root tubs. It takes 3/4 days for the seeds to germinate. If 8/9 days old seedlings are picked and planted in another seedbed tub at a short distance, strong seedlings will be obtained.

Fertilizer and Soil: Fertilizer should be made with cow dung, TSP and kheil. It should be remembered that if the soil is always soft and fluffy, the plant grows faster.

Planting: 3/4 week healthy seedlings should be planted in tubs filled with compost. Planting should be done
in the afternoon After planting the seedlings, the soil should be pressed very lightly at the base. Because pressing hard can tear the soft roots.

Care: For the first 3/4 days of planting broccoli seedlings, shade should be provided and water should be given in the morning and afternoon till the seedlings take root. Once the seedlings are established, the soil should be loosened occasionally and irrigated every 2-1 days. If the plant is a little big, it is better to give liquid fertilizer or leaf fertilizer every 15 days. Later the soil at the base should be removed from all sides and irrigation should be done along the edges of the tub.

Pests: Cutworms and cutworms damage broccoli.

Remedy: If jab beetles are high, if redden and blackworms are high, marshal drugs should be applied as per the advice of Assistant Sub-Agricultural Officer. Nitro drugs can be sprayed if bedbugs and jab beetles attack together.

Harvesting: Broccoli is edible within 3 to 3 and a half months after planting. Broccoli stems are very soft and can be eaten as a vegetable. Flowers are edible after 2/3 weeks. At the time of harvesting, if the upper flower is cut first and the plant is allowed to grow, flowers will emerge from the base of the lower leaves, which can be collected later on

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