Group filled with unknown people? WhatsApp will allow you to hide your phone number to avoid annoyance

Newshub18:Group filled with unknown people? WhatsApp will allow you to hide your phone number to avoid annoyance. WhatsApp is about to rescue its users from a major outage. If a group has many members and they are unknown, you can now hide phone numbers from unknown people WhatsApp has recently been spotted working on a special feature to hide users’ online status. Now it is known that Meta’s instant messaging platform is going to add another new privacy feature.

WhatsApp for Android allows users to hide their phone numbers in certain groups within a community. The Phone Number Sharing feature of WhatsApp, which is currently under development, has been spotted in Android Beta version According to a report by features tracker WWB Info, WhatsApp will soon allow users to hide their numbers from certain groups. The option will be deactivated by default. When you join a WhatsApp group, your phone number will automatically be hidden from all members. But you can also share it later in specific sub-groups if you want.

WhatsApp will roll out this feature via beta for Android in the Google Play beta program. The report by WWW info has also revealed some screenshots of the number sharing feature, through which users can get an idea of ​​what the feature is actually going to look like. However, the report clearly mentions that this feature will only be brought to the community Apart from this, WhatsApp is working on another security feature, through which any WhatsApp account can be kept a few inches away from the eyes of hackers. A login approval feature is being introduced to protect a WhatsApp account from hackers or malicious users, as reported by WBT info. If someone tries to login to your number from another smartphone, WhatsApp will alert you through this login approval feature.

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