Goal in 90 seconds in the debut, Brazil’s hope in Jesus of Arsenal

Newshub18 :Goal in 90 seconds in the debut, Brazil’s hope in Jesus of Arsenal.

Cut every day like the beginning, or never again like the beginning? Gabriel can ask for either Jesus. Which do you want?
Personally, the 25-year-old Brazilian forward who joined Arsenal is the first to ask. But if you do group calculations, you should not ask for something like the beginning.
Why? Jesus scored in 90 seconds after entering the field in the second half of his debut in Arsenal’s jersey. But as he was descending, Arsenal were trailing 2-0 against Nuremberg in the second division of Germany!

In five days, his transfer from Manchester City to Arsenal has been finalized for 45 million pounds. After the last few days of practice, he made his debut in Arsenal’s jersey yesterday. In what Jesus has done, Arsenal and Brazil’s supporters will be full of hope.

Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta put him on the field shortly after the break, scoring in 90 seconds. That is not the goal, but the beginning and the end of the attack on the way to the goal — both at the feet of Jesus. Nuremberg got the ball on the right side of the box and cut a player in a great dodge, then ran towards the box! Great shot from a difficult angle after giving and taking the ball with a teammate at the head of the box! Jesus is just beginning to thrill Arsenal fans.

As long as he was on the field, the whole time the Brazilian rhythm suffered the opponent. Sometimes he took out the ball by melting the gap between his legs, sometimes he ate the whey in the swing of his body, sometimes he fooled the opponent with a light touch and put the ball in the way of his teammate.
His dealings with young Brazilian winger Gabriel Martinelli have also caught the eye. Jesus was about to score his second goal in the 57th minute through Martinelli’s cross. Jesus left Martinelli’s cross from the left in a position to touch the head, with a great chance to score if hit on the head. But in such a situation, a defender from Nuremberg came and tried to change the direction of the ball by extending his legs.

Nuremberg’s gain was not a special one, but a loss to Jesus. The ball did not hit Jesus in the head, but the Nuremberg net hit the defender’s leg. Suicide goal! But Jesus got the second goal in the 75th minute. That too is no less fascinating. This time again, the source is Martinelli’s cross from the left side, but this time the flick Jesus avoids the opponent with the skill of the opportunistic striker. Goal!

45 minutes of a single match, even against a team in the German second division হয়তো Jesus’ two goals should not be too much. However, the new start of Jesus is not without hope for Bivore Arsenal and Brazil, who are preparing for the World Cup in Qatar with their dream of getting back in England.
Jesus has never been the club’s first-choice striker, having never been able to adapt to coach Pep Guardiola’s tactics, due to the presence of someone like Sergio Aguero at Manchester City in five years. His place in the Brazil XI is no longer certain. With the World Cup year coming in, Jesus needed to play regularly, with Man City Earling Harland and Julian Alvarez in the squad, which would have further reduced the chances. That’s why Jesus changed his party.

The start of the new number nine indicates something great for Arsenal. Arteta’s team did not make it to the Champions League in the end despite being ahead for a long time last season, a big reason being the lack of goal scorers in front of the opponent’s goal post. Brazil also needs someone like that. With Neymar, Vinicius Jr., Rafinha, Anthony, Pocket, there is no shortage of talented footballers in Brazil’s attack now, but none of them are born strikers. Some winger, some playmaker.

There is only one Richardson as a striker, but he is also not a consistent. Whatever it is, Brazil’s attack has momentum, it has craftsmanship, but the goals don’t come in proportion to the chances created.
Finding the rhythm of Jesus, the one-time favorite of Brazil coach Titus, Qatar will provide Brazil with extra weapons in the World Cup. The only weakness of this Brazilian attack is the lack of a striker to ensure regular presence in the box in big matches, to show consistency in using them when given the opportunity

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