Global air pollution situation to worsen: UN

Newshub18:Global air pollution situation to worsen: UN

Climate change is causing frequent extreme heat waves and wildfires. This will worsen air quality around the world. This will greatly harm human health and ecology. This warning was issued by the United Nations on WednesdayA new report by the UN’s World Meteorological Organization (WMO) warns that pollution and climate change will combine to harm billions of people over the next century. The organization called for early action to protect the world from this terrible damage.

WMO’s annual Air Quality and Climate Bulletin examines the impact of wildfires across Siberia and North America in 2021. It has been seen that the health risk due to wildfires has greatly increased. Even in eastern Siberia, air pollution has reached unprecedented levels.
Particulate matter smaller than 2.5 micrometers (PM2.5) in diameter is considered particularly harmful. These particles can enter the lungs or respiratory system.
In a statement, WMO chief Patari Talas said fires and associated air pollution are expected to increase as the world warms. Apart from the impact on human health, it will also have a huge impact on the ecosystem. This is because pollution will spread from the atmosphere to the earth’s surface.
Considering the global expansion, the area affected by wildfires has decreased in the last two decades. This is because it reduces fires in grasslands and savannah areas. However, the WMO says that fires have increased in North America, the Amazon and Australia. But in addition to wildfires, a warmer climate can increase pollution and worsen air quality.

Patari Talas said, Europe and China have seen a huge boom this year. This is coupled with stable upper atmospheric conditions, intense solar heat and low wind speeds. They are helpful for high pollution levels. These are the predictions of the futureTalas further said, ‘We fear that the level, intensity and duration of the fires will increase. This can worsen air quality. This situation is known as climate penalty.

Ozone in the stratosphere provides important protection from cancer-causing ultraviolet rays. But when this ozone layer comes close to the earth, it has very harmful effects on human health. This ozone layer is being damaged due to climate change

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