French President blocked the resignation of the Prime Minister

Newshub18:French President Emmanuel Macho has rejected an offer to step down

French President Emmanuel Macho has rejected an offer by his prime minister to resign. He says the government must continue to work. Prime Minister Elizabeth Bernie has been widely criticized for losing a majority in parliament last Sunday. Elizabeth’s future is in jeopardy. As a result, it is imperative for the president to get support from other parties.

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Makhor is scheduled to discuss the issue with his political rivals on Tuesday. However, neither the right-wing Marine La Pen nor the left-wing Jean-Luc Mills are interested in working with the Macho government.

French President blocked the resignation of the Prime Minister

Makho was re-elected president less than two months before the French parliamentary elections. But the Left-Green Alliance and the far-right have done well in the National Assembly elections. Makho called on voters to give a single majority in the parliamentary elections. But his moderate coalition lost dozens of seats. This has further divided French politics. France needs 269 seats for a majority in the 57-seat National Assembly. But Makho’s center-right alliance won 245 seats in the assembly.
Makho recently appointed Elizabeth Burney as prime minister. Ellis Palace said Bernie had formally offered his resignation yesterday morning in the face of the situation. But the president rejected it. Makhon said he would seek a constructive solution to end the stalemate.

Makhon blocked the resignation of the Prime Minister

The resignation of the Prime Minister of France after the parliamentary elections is a tradition. However, the president often appoints the same person so that he can form a new government. But this time the situation is different. So Makho has asked Bernie to continue the government with the same cabinet. Analysts say this is probably an attempt to delay Makho. At some point a new government will be formed, where Bernie may or may not have a head of government.

However, Elysee Palace will continue talks with the delegations of different parties on Wednesday to resolve the issue. Analysts say President Makho is considering forming an alliance with far-right Republicans. The party says its leader, Christian Jacob, is in talks with the president. The news agency AFP says Marine La Pen will also hold talks with the president. In addition, a few more party leaders will sit in the discussion.

Analysts say there are two avenues open to the Makho alliance. Ensuring a majority in a coalition of others or continuing a minority government. If the minority government continues, its alliance with the parties will have to reach a separate agreement at the time of passing each bill


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