FBI search of Trump’s Florida home

Newshub18:FBI search of Trump’s Florida home. Former US President Donald Trump’s Florida home was searched by FBI agents. Trump called this incident a “black day for the nation”. BBC news.

In a statement, Trump said his Mar-a-Lago residence in Palm Beach was “taken over by a large group of FBI agents.” The search operation is said to be related to the investigation related to the management of Trump’s official documents.

When Trump is preparing to compete in the presidential election for a possible third time in 2024, the legal investigation about him has increased. The operation was carried out in the United States yesterday on Monday. At that time, Trump was staying in the ‘Trump Tower’ in New York. He said, “This incident is a black day for our nation”.

The former president’s son, Eric Trump, said the FBI’s execution of a search warrant at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence was related to an investigation into records management at the National Archives.

The National Archives, a United States government agency, stores the official documents of the President. The National Archives, which asked the Justice Department last February to investigate the handling of Trump’s official documents, said it recovered 15 boxes from Mar-a-Lago. Some of these boxes contained sensitive top secret documents. All letters, work documents and e-mails of US presidents are required to be sent to the National Archives. But officials say former President Trump illegally shredded many documents.

would know what documents Trump would flush down the toilet

Some new photos from when Donald Trump was in the White House have surfaced. The pictures are of two incidents. In both cases, Trump appears to have flushed the documents down the toilet. This information was reported by CNN Online on Tuesday.

New York Times reporter and CNN anchor Maggie Haberman is going to release the new photos in her forthcoming book called ‘Confidence Man’. The images were published by US news website Axios.

CNN previously reported on how Trump violated the Presidential Records Act. He often tore up documents, drafts, memos, etc. after reading them. The search operation is said to be related to the investigation related to the management of Trump’s official documents during his presidency.

According to CNN, Trump occasionally flushes papers down the toilet at the White House residence. When the toilet got clogged with dirt, the problem was only detected when people called to fix it.

Trump has denied the allegations against him. In a statement on Monday, one of his spokespersons claimed that what is being said about Trump is fabricated. It is not clear what the picture of the document flushed in the toilet is. It is not certain who wrote them. But they are written in black marker. This text seems to be Trump’s. Haberman said, one photo is of a White House toilet; The other is during Trump’s foreign visit. The photos provided him with a clue to the White House. Haberman told CNN, “Who knows what this paper was about?” Only he (Trump) will know that. And perhaps he, who worked on it.


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