‘Family Guard’ facility launched in IMO

Newshub18:’Family Guard’ facility launched in IMO

Emo has launched ‘Family Guard’ feature to protect users from cyber attacks and online fraud. .As a result, the instant messaging app will send an alert to the parent’s account if someone else tries to login to the child’s account, change the mobile number and delete the account from an unknown place.

In a press release, Imo said, immediately after receiving the warning, parents can click on the ‘remind friend’ button to warn their child about cyber attacks and online fraud. As a result, they can quickly take various steps including changing the password of the account.

Imo is also going to introduce the ‘disappearing message’ facility soon for the safety of users. When this feature is enabled, messages sent to friends or acquaintances will be automatically deleted after a certain period of time. However, users can pre-determine when messages will be deleted if they wish.

What to do to open imo?

For those who don’t know how to open an imo account or how to open an imo account, in today’s short post I will teach you how to easily open your imo account in just 2 minutes and talk to your friends and relatives on imo video calls. Currently the most popular and most used Android app for video calling in Bangladesh is Emu. Video Call Although there are numerous Android apps or mediums, Emu is a very popular video calling medium among the people of Bangladesh. First of all, most of the people of Bangladesh who live outside Bangladesh use the Emu app to talk to their relatives in the country. Also, 80 percent of smartphone users living in Bangladesh have IMO accounts through which they exchange information with each other through video calls.
Nowadays Emu is not only a video calling but Emu has reached a social media or social media. After opening EMU you can post your photos on EMU like Facebook, you can do live streaming. Also with Imo app you can earn by collecting diamonds. It is seen that many people do not know how to open IMO on new mobile despite having open IMO account. Many people turn to other people to unlock EMU after buying a new smartphone. The biggest disadvantage is that when you open your imo account with someone else, there is a chance of your imo account being hacked. So it will be convenient for you if you can open your emu account yourself.
First of all we need to know the rules to download the EMU app to open EMU. Let’s know how to download imo app

To open Emu you need to open the Emo app and provide your mobile number. Then you can open your EMU account by verifying with the verification code sent to your mobile number. Follow the complete process steps

After opening the imo app, if you want the permission of his phone, allow it. Give your phone number. Here, if you have opened an Emu account from Bangladesh, then enter the next 10 digits minus the 0 from the beginning of your number. If you want to open EMU from a number outside the country, then you have to select the country in which you are staying from above. If you are located in that country then that country will automatically be selected. The mobile number should be provided with the next digits except the country code number. Click on the blue color tick mark on the upper right side and click on the okay button.

After providing your mobile number correctly, an SMS will be sent to your mobile number from Emu Company and a code number will be given in that SMS. You will have to enter an interface like the image below. If your SIM is inside that mobile then you don’t need to enter the code separately. And if your SIM is in any other mobile then you have to put that code in the place like above picture.

After the SMS verification is done you need to assign a name for your account. Here you can enter your full name in Bengali or English. You will see the interface like below image here you have to enter your full name.

After giving the name, you have to click on the blue colored Done text on the right side. After clicking here your emu account will be activated and the emu opening process will be completed successfully. All the known numbers of your SIM using EMU will come to your EMU.

Rules for opening Emu without number

If you don’t want to open EMU with your personal number because of your privacy, you can open EMU with foreign number in a different way. But you have to open imo account from Konnagar number that is your own number or any other foreign number or any other person’s number. To open Emu without number, you will find many apps mainly foreign numbers in play store in which you can register and take foreign numbers and with that number you can open your Imo account, such as TextNow

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