Facebook is launching a customer service department

Newshub18: Facebook is launching a customer service department.

18 years after the start of the journey, Facebook has taken the initiative to launch a customer service department. The work for this has also started, said Brent Harris, vice president of the governance department of Facebook’s parent company, Mater. Currently, if there is any problem with account or post, users have to send various complaints online by sending messages.

Facebook has been testing live chat program for a limited number of users since last year. Using this facility, English speakers get the opportunity to directly exchange messages with Facebook as well as talk with the company’s employees.

Facebook has not given any information about how the users will benefit if the new customer service department is launched. Not only that, the customer service department has not given any information about when it will be launched or when the test will start.

Even if you are connected to Facebook or Messenger, no one will know

Other people on our friends list can see it when Facebook or Messenger is launched. As a result, they can send us messages whenever they want. But many times it is not possible to reply to messages sent by friends due to being busy. There is a possibility of misunderstanding with friends. Many people do not want to let the people in their friend list know about it even if they enter Facebook again. You can hide your online activity information by turning off the active status option on Facebook or Messenger.

To use this facility on the computer, you must first login to Facebook and click on the ‘Messenger’ icon on the upper right side. Now select Active Status from the three dot menu next to the chat option from the drop-down menu. After that, if the Active Status option is turned off, friends will not be able to know the information about using Facebook or Messenger. You can hide yourself from certain people by using the Active Status option. For this, select Active Status: ON for some and select the names of those from whom you want to hide yourself.

To turn off the Active Status option on the mobile phone, open the messenger and click on the profile picture on the upper left side. Now click on Active Status tab and show when you’re active option. Now press the toggle menu on the right side to turn off the option

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