Extreme heat in Europe

Newshub18 :Extreme heat in Europe

Several European countries have experienced extreme heat throughout the week. Temperatures in some regions have surpassed all past records. Public life has been disrupted in several Central and Southern European countries. Extreme summer conditions prevailed in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, parts of the United Kingdom, France, Spain and Italy.
According to the German Meteorological Department, the highest temperature recorded in the south of the country in 2002 was 36.2 degrees Celsius. But this year’s temperatures are surpassing the record of two decades ago.

The State Chamber of Pharmacists in the German state of Hessen has warned people about circulatory problems due to rising temperatures. As well as urging to drink plenty of water. He also said to avoid jogging or outdoor exercise in hot weather. The health department in the capital, Biswadan, has warned young children and long-term patients to avoid sun exposure. Such warnings in the summer are a new experience for Germany.
Meanwhile, wildfires have erupted in several German forests in the face of continued drought. It burned 60 hectares of forest in Francesdorf, in the Potsdam-Mittelmark district near the capital Berlin. The fire was brought under control with the technical assistance of the local fire brigade, police and armed forces.
In parts of France, Germany’s southwestern neighbor, heatwaves have reached a maximum of 43 degrees. According to the French Meteorological Department, the extreme temperatures have created an exceptional situation for life and the environment. Temperatures usually range from 35 to 39 degrees Celsius at this time of year.

Thousands of hectares of forest have been burned in France’s neighboring country of Spain after days of unusually high temperatures. More than 3,000 people have been evacuated from the Pui du Fou amusement park in Spain due to a fire in the Castile-La Mancha area. In the northwestern part of the country, 6,000 hectares of forest have been damaged in the Sierra del Culebra. As a precautionary measure, 200 people were evacuated.

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The Po Valley in northern Italy has been hit by record droughts for the past 60 years. Water is being distributed by rationing in the agricultural areas of this area. Such droughts threaten half of the arable land in the Po Valley and about one-third of national agricultural production, according to the Coldiery Agricultural Association in the area.
In the Netherlands, Belgium, and parts of the United Kingdom, temperatures have risen to more than 30 degrees Celsius. According to climate experts, these heat waves, droughts and forest fires across Europe are a direct result of global warming

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