Elon Musk has re-stipulated Twitter’s contract

Newshub18 ;Elon Musk has re-stipulated Twitter’s contract.

Elon Musk, the world’s richest man, has again brought up his terms for buying Twitter. He said he would not move forward with a $44 billion deal to acquire Twitter until the number of fake users on microblogging site Twitter proved to be less than 5 percent. If the Twitter authorities can prove their claim, he will go ahead with the contract process with all the conditions.

Tesla’s chief executive claims that the number of fake accounts on Twitter is 20 percent or more. But Twitter authorities are unwilling to accept this demand. So he is asking Twitter for proof.In a tweet on Saturday, he said, “If the claims of the Twitter authorities are proved false in the US Securities and Exchange Commission, then he will not do the deal.”

A user on Twitter asked whether the US Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating the existence of fake accounts on Twitter. In response, Elon Musk said, Good question. Why are they not looking?However, Twitter has not commented on this. Earlier, Musk claimed that he was being tricked into selling Twitter. However, the Twitter authority rejected this complaint of Musk last Thursday. They claim that what Musk said is unimaginable and contrary to reality.

Twitter authorities sued Elon Musk after withdrawing its offer to buy Twitter on July 12. Twitter authorities claim that Musk has spread confusion by claiming to have a fake account. He was forced to sign a deal to buy Twitter for $54.20 a share. Then on July 29, Musk filed a counter-suit against Twitter


Why did Elon Musk cancel the contract with Twitter?

Elon Musk is not buying Twitter! The US billionaire canceled the deal to buy Twitter worth 4,400 million dollars.The Tesla owner complained that the Twitter company could not provide him with any information about the fake Twitter account. Therefore, Musk said that the decision to withdraw from the decision to buy Twitter. Musk got ownership of Twitter on April 25. He also took a huge loan from the bank to buy Twitter. Musk has hinted that workers may walk the path of layoffs to repay that. He informed the lenders that the salary of some senior employees of the organization may also be reduced in order to reduce costs.

Recently, Musk also tweeted that Tesla will hire workers again. But this time Musk withdrew from the decision to buy Twitter. The US billionaire’s lawyer said Twitter had received no response despite repeated requests for information on fake or spam accounts on its platform. So the lawyer said that he has to withdraw from this decision. Naturally, Twitter is angry with Musk’s decision. The chairman of the organization, Brett Taylo, said that they will take legal action in this regard. In other words, Musk’s legal battle with Twitter has begun.

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